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Mr. Perfect (film)

Mr. Perfect is a 2011 Indian Telugu-language romantic comedy film directed by Dasaradh Kondapalli, starring Prabhas, Kajal Agarwal and Taapsee Pannu in the lead roles, while actors Murali Mohan, Prakash Raj, Sayaji Shinde, Nassar, Kaushal Manda, and Viswanath Kasinadhuni play other pivotal roles. The movie is produced by Dil Raju and written by Ravi Abburi .[1] The film released on 22 April 2011 to positive reviews. The film won the newly incorporated, Nagi Reddy, memorial Award as the best Telugu family entertainer for the year 2011.[2] It was dubbed into Tamil and Malayalam under the same title and later into Hindi under the title No.1 Mr. Perfect (by Goldmines Telefilms in 2013).[3] it's the unofficial adaption of the book "Naa Manasu Korindi ninne " by mummidi shyamalarani garu which released in 2010 . Even the court is in favour to her but due high popularity of actors and producers the judgement is being postponed every hearing

Mr. Perfect
Mr. Perfect poster.jpg
Movie poster
Directed byDasaradh
Produced byDil Raju
Written byMummidi Shyamalarani

Screenplay byHari Krishna
Praveen Varma (Additional Screenplay)
Kajal Aggarwal
Taapsee Pannu
K. Viswanath
Prakash Raj
Sayaji Shinde
Kaushal Manda
Music byDevi Sri Prasad
CinematographyVijay C Chakravarthy
Edited bySiva Prasad
Distributed byDil Raju
Release date
  • 22 April 2011 (2011-04-22)
Running time
145 min


Vicky (Prabhas), an expert in gaming software, lives in Australia and never compromises in his life, a principle that he adheres to since his childhood. He believes that one should be oneself in a relationship and one should not change one's characteristics or personality to get along with his/her partner. He also encourages his friends to follow his principle of life, but his principles and attitude lead to a clash of interests with his father (Nassar), who constantly advises him to adjust his character for his and others' happiness. Unfortunately, Vicky pays no heed.

Meanwhile, in India, Vicky's parents arrange a wedding alliance between him and Priya (Kajal Aggarwal). Priya is Vicky's childhood friend and a doctor by profession. She and Vicky are poles apart; while Vicky is modern in his thinking and is not ready to compromise with his life, Priya is traditional and conservative and is ready to compromise for the happiness of others. Initially, Vicky and Priya do not get along well - they both play practical jokes on one another, but later, on her father's (Murali Mohan) advice, Priya attempts to change her attitude towards Vicky and be more positive about him. Soon enough, Priya falls in love with Vicky and changes a lot of her interests to adjust with him, such as giving up her love of classical dance as Vicky does not like it, eating non-vegetarian food, and wearing modern dresses. Vicky too begins to fall in love with her and is ready to accept the wedding proposal. He receives the news of his friend Shiva's (Sagar) divorce where the relationship soured due to too many compromises. Vicky is very disturbed when he begins to find out that Priya has compromised on her interests for his sake. He rejects the wedding proposal and returns to Australia.

Back in Australia, Vicky is matched up through a Cadbury survey (Made for each other), with Maggie (Taapsee), a free-spirited modern girl who shares his no-compromise attitude. Both of them meet at a mall and interested in each other, begin to date and soon decide to get married. However, Maggie's father is none other than Dubey (Prakash Raj), the MindGames head's brother. He is unwilling to let Vicky marry Maggie. After much persuasion from Vicky, Dubey agrees to let Vicky marry Maggie on the condition that he should stay in his house for four days for Maggie's sister's wedding and if Vicky manages to win over at least two of Maggie's relatives, he can marry her and he would get a business in India; else, he should forget Maggie and leave the contract. But Vicky changes the condition that if at least one relative of Maggie does not get convinced that Vicky is the correct match for Maggie, then he would forget Maggie and leave the contract, else he would marry Maggie and does not leave the contract.

Soon, the relatives begin pouring in from India and among them, to Vicky's shock, is Priya, who happens to be the groom's, Bava's, (Kaushal Manda) cousin. During the four days, with Priya's help, he manages to win over the entire family. It is clear that Vicky is going to win Dubey's challenge. Priya leaves for India on the night before Vicky wins the challenge, heartbroken at the thought that Vicky is marrying someone else. Vicky receives a message Priya had recorded prior to him rejecting her on his mobile phone where she had declared her love for him. He gains a change of heart on seeing this message and realizes how much Priya had loved him and was willing to change for him, in spite of his faults. He also realizes the need for compromises in life. Vicky conveys his feelings to all the wedding guests present and decides not to marry Maggie. Maggie understands his feelings and accepts his decision.

Vicky returns to India to win back Priya. After initially playing hard-to-get, Priya accepts Vicky's love, and they live happily ever after.



Mr. Perfect received mixed to positive reviews from critics. Sify mentioned "Director Dasarath should be appreciated for his clean, family-oriented outlook, keeping under check all the elements that are not his forte. The screenplay is slow, but interesting, and remains unpredictable till the end of the film".[4] The Times of India gave a two and a half rating, said that "What is applause-worthy in the movie is Kajal Agarwal's performance. She looks great, expresses well and fits into the role perfectly. Prabhas manages to look nice, but really needs to work on his dialogue delivery."[5] The review site GreatAndhra rated the film with three stars and noted "The film comes across as a clean, family entertainer and the intention of the makers must be appreciated. Their attempt to reiterate the values of love, life, relationships in today's world is acknowledged. First half comprises with good humor and flow of drama. And second half also continues in similar fashion but with weak handling of emotions. Required emotion is not carried in the fag end of the film and hence it appeared weak".[6]


Mr. Perfect
Soundtrack album by
Released19 March 2011
GenreFilm soundtrack
LabelAditya Music
ProducerDevi Sri Prasad
Devi Sri Prasad chronology
Manmadhan Ambu
Mr. Perfect
100% Love

The original score was composed by Devi Sri Prasad and the soundtrack for the film was released on 19 March 2011. Shreya Ghoshal won The Hyderabad Times Film Award in 2011 for best playback singing for her track "Chali Chaliga".[7]

1."Rao Gari Abbai"Ananth SreeramTippu4:44
2."Chali Chaliga"Ananth SreeramShreya Ghoshal4:57
3."Ningi Jaaripadda"Ramajogayya SastryMallikarjun1:46
4."Dol Dol Dol Bhaje"BalajiMLR Karthikeyan, Anitha Karthikeyan4:32
5."Mora Vinara"G. SathyamurthyPriyadarshini2:23
6."Aakasam Badhalaina"Ananth SreeramSagar4:08
7."Aggipulla Lanti"Ramajogayya SastryGopika Poornima1:53
8."Badhulu Thochani"Sirivennela SitaramasastriKarthik, Mallikarjun4:11
9."Light Theesko"Ramajogayya SastryBaba Sehgal, Murali4:25
Total length:32:59

Awards and nominationsEdit

News Category Nominee Result
59th Filmfare Awards South Best Film Mr. Perfect Nominated
Best Director Dasaradh Nominated
Best Actor Prabhas Nominated
Best Actress Kajal Aggarwal Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Taapsee Pannu Nominated
Best Lyricist Anantha Sreeram (for song "Chali Chaliga") Nominated
1st South Indian International Movie Awards Best Female Playback Singer Shreya Ghoshal (for song "Chali Chaliga") Won
Mirchi Music Awards South Best Female Playback Singer Shreya Ghoshal (for song "Chali Chaliga") Won
Santosham Film Awards[8] Best Actress (Jury) Taapsee Pannu Won
Hyderabad Times Film Awards Best Female Playback Singer Shreya Ghoshal (for song "Chali Chaliga") Won
Nagi Reddy Memorial Award Best Telugu Family Entertainer Mr. Perfect Won


The film released on 22 April 2011 Hindi dubbed released 22 July 2013.

  • The film was released in almost 800 theatres in Andhra pradesh.
  • The film also released in Karnataka, the rest of India, and overseas with 200 odd prints.

Home mediaEdit

  • The satellite rights were obtained by Gemini TV for 45 million.[9]
  • The DVD was released by Aditya Videos on 10 September 2011, in NTSC video format for a purchase price of $7.99.[10]
  • The Blu-ray Disc was released by Aditya Videos on 20 October 2011, in NTSC video format and 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround audio format for a purchase price of $24.99.[11]


A novelist named Ms. Shyamala Rani has approached the court, claiming the story line of the movie Mr Perfect is based on her novel titled "Naa Manasu Korindi Ninne" and many scenes and the overall tone of the film also coincides with her writing [12]. Shyamala Rani also claimed in April 2019 that the court has passed an interim judgement in favour of her [13] [14].


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