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The third season of Monk originally aired in the United States on USA Network from June 18, 2004, to March 4, 2005. It consists of 16 episodes. Tony Shalhoub, Ted Levine, and Jason Gray-Stanford reprise their roles as the main characters, and Traylor Howard joins the cast. Bitty Schram left the show due to a contract dispute during the Winter hiatus. A DVD of the season was released on July 5, 2005.

Monk (season 3)
DVD cover
StarringTony Shalhoub
Bitty Schram
Ted Levine
Jason Gray-Stanford
Traylor Howard
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes16
Original networkUSA Network
Original releaseJune 18, 2004 –
March 4, 2005
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Andy Breckman continued his tenure as show runner. Executive producers for the season include Breckman and David Hoberman. NBC Universal Television Studio was the primary production company backing the show. Randy Newman's theme ("It's a Jungle Out There") continued to be used, while Jeff Beal's original instrumental theme can be heard in some episodes. Directors for the season include Randall Zisk, Jerry Levine, Michael Zinberg, and Andrei Belgrader. Zisk received an Emmy award-nomination for his work on "Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine." Writers for the season included Andy Breckman, David Breckman, Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin, Joe Toplyn, Daniel Dratch, Hy Conrad, and Tom Scharpling.


Tony Shalhoub returned as the titular character and OCD detective, Adrian Monk. Ted Levine and Jason Gray-Stanford reprised their roles as Captain Leland Stottlemeyer and Lieutenant Randall "Randy" Disher, respectively. Bitty Schram portrayed Monk's nurse, Sharona Fleming, for the first half of the season, but left due to a contract dispute. Traylor Howard was then cast as Natalie Teeger in a main role as Monk's new assistant. Andy Breckman, the show's creator, stated, "I will always be grateful to Traylor because she came in when the show was in crisis and saved our baby [....] We had to make a hurried replacement, and not every show survives that. I was scared to death."[1]

Guest stars for season three are in even more abundance than the previous two. Stanley Kamel reprised his role as Monk's psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Kroger, in nine episodes, while Kane Ritchotte continued to play Benjy Fleming, Sharona's son. Emmy Clarke entered the series as Julie Teeger (Natalie's daughter), and Melora Hardin returned as Monk's beloved deceased wife, Trudy Monk. Tim Bagley made his first two appearances as Harold Krenshaw, Monk's main rival. Jarrad Paul portrays Kevin Dorfman, Monk's annoying upstairs neighbor, while Glenne Headly continues to portray Karen Stottlemeyer, the captain's wife. Other guest stars for the season include Brooke Adams, Scott Adsit, Kelly Albanese, Amy Aquino, Moon Bloodgood, James Brolin, Emma Caulfield, Jonathan Chase, Maree Cheatham, Enrico Colantoni, Frank Collison, Alicia Coppola, Carmen Electra, Patrick Fischler, Rosemary Forsyth, Sutton Foster, Neil Giuntoli, Michael A. Goorjian, Parker Goris, Harry Groener, Eileen Grubba, Saverio Guerra, Bob Gunton, Philip Baker Hall, John Michael Higgins, Rick Hoffman, James Intveld, Sung Kang, Chris Kennedy, Edward Kerr, Korn, Lance Krall, Olek Krupa, Mako, Ken Marino, John Maynard, Larry Miller, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Glenn Morshower, Lochlyn Munro, Niecy Nash, Arthel Neville, Patrick Thomas O'Brien, Raymond O'Connor, Nick Offerman, Faith Prince, David Purdham, Judge Reinhold, Mark Sheppard, Nick Spano, Josh Stamberg, Nicole Sullivan, Alanna Ubach, Jill Wagner, Michael Weston, Mykelti Williamson, Adam Wylie, and Rachel Zeskind. The band Korn also makes an appearance.


No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateU.S. viewers
301"Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan"Randall ZiskAndy BreckmanJune 18, 2004 (2004-06-18)5.54[2]
Monk, Sharona, Stottlemeyer, and Disher fly to New York in order to pursue a lead in Trudy's murder. They are sidetracked into helping the NYPD solve the shooting death of a foreign ambassador in a hotel lobby and a mugging in Central Park, with Monk briefly getting lost in the city as he ponders the importance of a wet overcoat. Once the cases are solved, he meets with Warrick Tennyson (Frank Collison), who admits that he was paid to build the bomb that killed Trudy by a man with six fingers on one hand.
312"Mr. Monk and the Panic Room"Jerry LevineDavid Breckman and Joe ToplynJune 25, 2004 (2004-06-25)4.70[2]
The police find a music producer shot to death in the locked panic room of his own mansion and his pet chimpanzee holding the murder weapon. Sharona steals the animal from police custody to keep it from being euthanized and stashes it at Monk's house, driving him to distraction as he tries to work out how the victim's wife (Carmen Electra) might be involved.
323"Mr. Monk and the Blackout"Michael ZinbergDaniel Dratch and Hy ConradJuly 9, 2004 (2004-07-09)4.55[3]
A bombing at a power plant leads to a citywide blackout in which three people die, and the prime suspect is an activist who has apparently been dead for nine years. The case is further complicated by a second bombing and blackout, the death of a protester (Judge Reinhold) at a construction site, and a power company spokeswoman (Alicia Coppola) who takes a romantic interest in Monk.
334"Mr. Monk Gets Fired"Andrei BelgraderPeter WolkJuly 16, 2004 (2004-07-16)4.68[4]
Nursing an old grudge against Monk, the new police commissioner (Saverio Guerra) revokes his private detective license and fires him from his consultant's position with the SFPD. Monk is devastated, but still cannot resist trying to find the connection between the discovery of a woman's limbless torso, a case of arson at a wig shop, and two attempts to steal the commissioner's hat.
345"Mr. Monk Meets the Godfather"Michael ZinbergLee Goldberg and William RabkinJuly 23, 2004 (2004-07-23)4.73[4]
An FBI agent (Rick Hoffman) coerces Monk into infiltrating an organized crime family to get to the bottom of an apparent mob hit.
356"Mr. Monk and the Girl Who Cried Wolf"Jerry LevineHy ConradJuly 30, 2004 (2004-07-30)5.40[5]
The shoe is on the other foot when Sharona starts seeing apparent hallucinations of a blood-soaked man with a knife in his chest and a screwdriver in his ear. Meanwhile, Monk hires a temporary replacement (Niecy Nash) and meets a fellow patient (Tim Bagley) of Dr. Kroger.
367"Mr. Monk and the Employee of the Month"Scott FoleyRoss AbrashAugust 6, 2004 (2004-08-06)5.77[6]
Monk takes a job at a Mega-Mart department store, where his disgraced former partner (Enrico Colantoni)---who was actually set up to look like he stole drugs from an evidence room, as Monk discovers in due course--- heads store security and needs Monk to help solve the murder of the former longtime Employee of the Month.
378"Mr. Monk and the Game Show"Randall ZiskDaniel DratchAugust 13, 2004 (2004-08-13)4.85[7]
Trudy's father Dwight Ellison (Bob Gunton) produces a Jeopardy!-type game show called Treasure Chest, but suspects that the host (John Michael Higgins) is helping a contestant cheat and asks reluctant Monk to investigate. Monk and Kevin Dorfman accompany Dwight to Los Angeles to investigate, where Monk discovers a link between the contestant and the host's recently-killed assistant while also beginning to come to fuller terms with Trudy's death.
389"Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine"Randall ZiskTom Scharpling and Chuck SklarAugust 20, 2004 (2004-08-20)5.88[6]

When Captain Stottlemeyer gets shot in a drive-by shooting, the police scramble to determine what ties the shooting to a suicide committed a few minutes beforehand. But they won't be able to rely on Monk because he's taking a new medication that alleviates the symptoms of his obsessive-compulsive disorder but impairs his ability to solve crimes.

Final regular-series appearance of Bitty Schram as Sharona Fleming.
3910"Mr. Monk and the Red Herring"Randall ZiskAndy BreckmanJanuary 21, 2005 (2005-01-21)5.50[8]

When Natalie Teeger (Traylor Howard) kills an intruder in her house, Monk is brought in and finds that she might just be cut out to be his next assistant. But before he can hire her, he must figure out why the intruder wanted Natalie's daughter's goldfish.

First appearance of Traylor Howard as Natalie Teeger.
4011"Mr. Monk vs. the Cobra"Anthony R. PalmieriJoe ToplynJanuary 28, 2005 (2005-01-28)4.10[9]
When all signs in the investigation behind a murder point to a deceased Kung Fu movie star, Monk must find the real culprit.
4112"Mr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever"Jerry LevineHy ConradFebruary 4, 2005 (2005-02-04)5.00[9]
When Monk witnesses a Chinese mob killing, he is put under the United States Federal Witness Protection Program and brought by Agent Grooms (Josh Stamberg) to a remote cabin in the woods, where he uncovers another murder. Meanwhile, Randy begins seeing a woman (Moon Bloodgood) who may not be who she says.
4213"Mr. Monk Gets Stuck in Traffic"Jerry LevineTom Scharpling and Joe ToplynFebruary 11, 2005 (2005-02-11)5.02[10]
Monk gets stuck in a traffic jam and finds that the cause of the standstill is murder. Along the way, he meets a personal injury lawyer (Larry Miller) and the band Korn.
4314"Mr. Monk Goes to Vegas"Randall ZiskTom Scharpling, David Breckman, Daniel Dratch, and Joe ToplynFebruary 18, 2005 (2005-02-18)5.40[11]
When a millionaire Las Vegas casino owner's (James Brolin) wife is strangled to death in an elevator by her own scarf, Captain Stottlemeyer, who is in hangover mode, suspects foul play and brings Monk out to investigate. While solving the murder, Monk must also help Stottlemeyer remember what he did during his hangover and help Randy overcome a gambling addiction issue.
4415"Mr. Monk and the Election"Allison LiddiNell ScovellFebruary 25, 2005 (2005-02-25)4.85[12]
When Natalie runs for school board against Harold Krenshaw (Tim Bagley), Monk must figure out who's behind an attempt on her life.
4516"Mr. Monk and the Kid"Andrei BelgraderTom ScharplingMarch 4, 2005 (2005-03-04)4.44[13]
Monk unravels a baffling mystery after a toddler finds a severed finger in a park. The investigation leads him to a woman (Brooke Adams) whose son has been kidnapped.

Unfilmed episodesEdit

One episode that was written but never filmed for the first half of season 3 would have been an episode called "Mr. Monk Is At Sea". The premise would have been that Monk and Sharona would investigate a murder committed on a cruise ship. A script was made for the episode, but it was never filmed because no cruise line was willing to loan a ship to the production crew to use for shooting, out of sensitivity to the idea of murders being committed on-board or people falling overboard. They refused to budge even when the victim count was reduced and the killer's identity was changed. This script became considered the series' "white whale" or 126th episode. It only came to light in early 2014, when it was rewritten and published by Hy Conrad as Mr. Monk Gets on Board, which maintains most of the original plot, but substitutes Natalie for Sharona, and adds in a subplot involving a book collector.[citation needed]

Awards and nominationsEdit

Emmy AwardsEdit

  • Outstanding Actor - Comedy Series (Tony Shalhoub, won)
  • Outstanding Directing - Comedy Series (Randall Zisk for "Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine", nominated)

Golden Globe AwardsEdit

  • Best Actor - Musical or Comedy Series (Tony Shalhoub, nominated)

Screen Actors GuildEdit

  • Outstanding Actor - Comedy Series (Tony Shalhoub, won)


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