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Mr. Chandramouli is a 2018 Indian Tamil language sports comedy thriller film written and directed by Thiru and produced by G. Dhananjayan. It features Karthik, Gautham Karthik, Regina Cassandra, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, and Santhosh Prathap in the lead roles.[1][2] The film revolves around Raghav, a professional boxer, finds himself in a fix when an unexpected turn of events gets him tangled in a battle between his passion, family and the love of his life.

Mr. Chandramouli
Mr. Chandramouli poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byThiru
Produced byDhananjayan
Written byThiru
Gautham Karthik
Regina Cassandra
Varalaxmi Sarathkumar
Santhosh Prathap
Music bySam CS
CinematographyRichard M. Nathan
Edited byT. S. Suresh
Creative Entertainers
Distributed byBOFTA Media Work India Pvt.Ltd
Wild Lion Films Pvt.Ltd
Release date
6 July 2018
Running time
135 minutes


The movie starts with Raghav (Gautham Karthik), the son of Chandramouli (Karthik), wakes up severely injured in a hospital. The following scenes are set in a flashback that happened several weeks ago.

Azhagar (J. Mahendran), the CEO of an online taxi company, wins the award for seventh consecutive year for his company being the leading one in the industry. Vinayak Kanakasabai (Santhosh Prathap), the CEO of his rival company, GoCabs, also attends the awarding ceremony, and he approaches to Azhagar to deliver his admiration to him and also challenges him that his company GoCabs will take over the position of Azhagar's company next year. Feeling threatened, Azhagar then orders his assistant Pugazhendhi (Mime Gopi) to do something to stop GoCabs from overtaking his company's place, by saying that his fame will be ruined if he is defeated by someone much younger than him (Vinayak).

Pugazhendhi then hires many wanted suspects and bums to commit crimes in GoCabs taxis as drivers, such as robbery, rape, murder, and drunk driving to defame GoCabs. His plan works in initial days after several news of GoCabs drivers committing crimes go viral. Some people in Chennai are even doubting the safety of GoCabs taxis; moreover, some police officers are also investigating Vinayak's responsibility in those cases, and authorities are also filing a lawsuit against Vinayak.

Raghav was a brilliant boxer that lived with his father Chandramouli, who had special emotion to old things: his car, which he names Padmini, has been used for longer than 20 years that cannot even start sometimes, and he used a phone that is only available for phone calls and SMS. People around him always tried to persuade him to buy a new car that works well and change his phone to a new model that he can use Facebook and WhatsApp with. He rejected them all, insisting that he will use those old things to the very end.

Raghav was trying to get a sponsorship from Vinayak for a major boxing race, but the latter, a headache for his company's recent case, rejected him. Raghav then approached to Azhagar and moved him and got his sponsorship. With that sponsorship, Raghav won the race, and he gave the award -- a new car -- to his father. Chandramouli was moved by his son's gift and invited him out for a drive, in the midnight. During the night drive, their car was run over by a truck, which killed Chandramouli and severely injured Raghav.

That was all that happened before the first scene of the movie -- Raghav wakes up in a hospital. He soon learns that his father died in the accident and that his nerve system is also incurably injured that made him no longer able to see things more than two feet away. By then, he still believes that what changed his life was an accident, until several days later, a stranger approaches his house.

The stranger is an officer carrying the death certificate of a woman named Bairavi (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) to ask for Chandramouli's signature. As Chandramouli is no more, and none else, Raghav, his girlfriend Madhu (Regina Cassandra, and his friend Padmani (Sathish)] in the house knows who Bairavi is, they tell the officer that he came to the wrong place, but the officer insists that Chandramouli is the one he is looking for, and he has other papers with Changramouli's signature. Raghav reviews those papers and confirms the signature is indeed his father's, while those papers show that his father is the one who hosted Bairavi's funeral just a few days before his own death because he was the only connected person of Bairavi.

They decide to discover his father's untold story, so they approach to Chandramouli's close friend Ramamurthy (Agathiyan), who later tells them the shocking story. Bairavi, a single woman with no children or parents, was Chandramouli's friend. They got to know each other not long ago when she was trying to buy his car with a high price because the car reminds her of her deceased father who had a same car. She was also the one that helped Raghav behind get Azhagar's sponsorship because she was the financial manager of Azhagar's company.

Bairavi was recently killed by a GoCabs driver, similar to other GoCabs cases, but shortly after her death, Chandramouli told Ramamurthy that Bairavi was not killed by the driver, but someone else he knew. He asked Ramamurthy's help to reveal the truth, so Ramamurthy took him to a senior police officer to report it. The officer, however, warned him not to get involved in this case, because many big shots are behind it.



In early October 2017, director Thiru announced that he would be making a film featuring Karthik and his son Gautham Karthik in the lead roles. Produced by G. Dhananjayan, Thiru revealed that the film would be an action thriller where Karthik would portray a government official and Gautham would portray a boxer.[3] Regina Cassandra and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar were signed to portray the lead female roles, while Sathish was cast in a further supporting role.[4] Thiru also cast veteran directors, Mahendran and Agathiyan in pivotal acting roles, with the latter being the director's father-in-law.[5]

After a period of deliberate suspense, the team announced that the film would be titled Mr. Chandramouli. The film's title is borrowed from a dialogue spoken by Karthik in Mouna Ragam (1986).[6] Production began in late November 2017, and continued throughout early 2018.[7][8]

Regina Cassandra dubbed for the first time for her role in this film.[9][10][11]


Mr. Chandramouli
Soundtrack album by
Released25 April 2018 (2018-April-25)[12]
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelSony Music
Sam CS chronology
Kadikara Manithargal
Mr. Chandramouli

The soundtrack album of Mr. Chandramouli consists of 6 songs composed by Sam CS and was released on Sony Music on 25 April 2018.[13][14] The title track was co-sung by actor Sivakumar's daughter Brindha, who made her playback singing debut with this film.[15]

1."Kallooliye"Sam C.S.Sam C.S. & Swagatha S. Krishnan03:53
2."Kandapadi"LoganSam C.S. & Guna04:50
3."Yedhedho Aanene"VivekSam C.S. & Chinmayi05:03
4."Raajadhi Raja"VivekMukesh Mohamed & Ranjith Govind03:22
5."Theeraadho Vali"Sam C.S.Haricharan04:43
6."Mr. Chandramouli Theme"Vithya DamodharanSam C.S. & Brindha Sivakumar03:13
Total length:25:04


Mr. Chandramouli released on 6 July 2018.[16]


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