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Mozenda provides technology, delivered as either software (SaaS and on-premise options) or as a managed service, that allows people to capture unstructured web data, convert it into a structured format, then “publish and format it in a way that companies can use.”[1]

Technology SaaS
IndustryWeb Data Extraction
FoundersBrett Haskins, (CEO)
Corey Young, (COO)
Chris Crabtree, (CDO)
Provo, UT
Key people
Brett Haskins (CEO)
Corey Young (COO)

Known by various names, such as web scraping, web data gathering, web data extraction, data extraction and data scraping, the technology “enables users to draw upon web-scraped data for business intelligence and Big Data applications and makes data extracted from web pages usable as CRM, ERP, or other transactional data.” [1] With Mozenda, users can capture data lists, create useful pair lists, collect data from tables and extract data from common formats.[2]

Scraped data generated by tools such as Mozenda are used for a wide variety of business, sales, marketing, and market research applications. Mozenda customers include “Microsoft,, Harper Collins, IBM and CTI.” [3] Through a partnership with the University of Pennsylvania, Mozenda provide its web scraping services to researchers at the Wharton School of Business.[4]


The precursor to Mozenda is a company called Infosquire Technologies, Inc.[5] that was founded in 2003 in Orem, UT to provide managed data extraction services. On April 30, 2007, Infosquire changed its name to Mozenda Inc. Mozenda’s head office is in Provo, UT.


Mozenda has concluded several investment rounds; a $1M seed round in May 2009 and an additional $500K seed round in August 2010.[6] An additional undisclosed investment was announced in March 2011.[7]


Web scraping is the process of automatically mining data or collecting information from the World Wide Web. “Mozenda uses a point-and-click software tool to turn web pages into structured data. Users can train the software through their actions, as well as automate and schedule data collection. The data can be downloaded as a file, or published to other locations for storage and analysis.”[1]

Data can be downloaded as CSV, Excel, JSON, Google Drive or accessed by an API.[4]

Mozenda’s technology is available as software (download and on-premise versions), delivered as a Managed Service, and “supports publishing to FTP, email, RSS, and Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.[8]

Use CasesEdit

Data obtained through web scraping products and services like Mozenda are used for a variety of business, sales, marketing, and market research applications, ranging from price comparison and retail merchandising, to sentiment analysis, direct mail lead generation and search engine optimization.[9]

“Because of the nature of the tool, programmers and non-programmers alike can extract data from any website for a variety of purposes. Popular uses of Mozenda include web data mashups, competitive pricing, and analysis of customer sentiment on the web.”[10] Online services, such as Mozenda and Upstream Commerce, promise to “optimize” product pricing through the acquisition of competitors’ prices and product information.[11]

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