Mowat Cup

The Mowat Cup is emblematic of the Junior "A" ice hockey Championship of British Columbia (BC).

Mowat Cup

The cup was donated to the British Columbia Amateur Hockey Association by Mr. John Mowat of Victoria, BC, for competition in the 1927-28 hockey season.

In past years, junior teams in BC played in various regional leagues, including the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League, Pacific Coast Junior Hockey League, Peace Cariboo Junior Hockey League and Rocky Mountain Junior Hockey League. Various formats for Mowat Cup competition usually saw the champions of these regional leagues compete for the Mowat Cup.

Since 1999, the Mowat Cup has been exclusive to the province-wide Junior "A" British Columbia Hockey League.

The winner of the Mowat Cup moves on to play the Alberta Champions for the Doyle Cup.


1927-28 ---The first competition for the Cup was limited to a one-game affair, as more ice time was not available. Fernie defeated Ex-King George in Vancouver. Fernie had won the right to play in the final, having defeated Armstrong 17–1, Salmon Arm 16–4, and Revelstoke 7-1

1931-32 ---The Trail Smoke Eaters won their first of 22 Mowat Cups over a run of 29 seasons. They defeated Merritt in Trail.

1943-44 ---Trail won the Mowat Cup title, then the Western Canada finals, only to be defeated by the Oshawa Generals for the National Championship

1961-62 ---Marked the initial year of the Okanagan-Mainline Junior "A" Hockey League and as their champions the Kamloops Rockets defeated the Trail Smoke Eaters in two straight games for the title.

1962-63 ---Saw the last Mowat Cup victory for the Trail Smoke Eaters, at that time the champions of the Kootenay Junior Hockey League, as they defeated the New Westminster Royals of the Pacific Coast Junior Hockey League.

1967-68 ---The British Columbia Junior A Hockey League (BCJHL) was formed when New Westminster Royals and Victoria Cougars of the Pacific Coast Junior Hockey League joined the four team Okanagan Junior Hockey League. The Penticton Broncos won the Mowat Cup in that first year.

1980-81 ---Marked the inaugural season in which the BCJHL played the Peace Cariboo Junior Hockey League for the Mowat Cup. The Penticton Knights (BCJHL) defeated the Prince George Spruce Kings (PCJHL) two straight in the best of three, 3-0 and 5–1.

1985-86 ---The Penticton Knights became the first ever B.C. team to win the National Title as they defeated Prince George for the Mowat Cup, Calgary for the Doyle Cup, Winnipeg for the Abbott Cup and then won the Centennial Cup Tournament with a final win over host Cole Harbour.

1986-87 ---The Richmond Sockeyes followed the Penticton lead defeating Quesnel Millionaires (PCJHL) for the Mowat Cup', Red Deer Rustlers (AJHL)for the Doyle Cup, Humboldt Broncos for the Abbott Cup and winning the Centennial Cup with a final win over host Humboldt.

1987-88 ---The Vernon Lakers (BCJHL) defeated the Grande Prairie North Stars (PCJHL) 2–0 in best-of-three Mowat Cup. The Lakers then went on to beat the Red Deer Rustlers in the Doyle Cup (AJHL 4-2) and Humboldt Broncos (SJHL 4-2) in the Abbott Cup, the last true Western Canadian Junior A Championship. Vernon advanced to the Centennial Cup where they went 0–3, losing to the (eventual champion) Thunder Bay Flyers, Moncton Hawks and host Summerside (PEI) Capitals.

1989-90 ---The Series was changed to the best of five for the first time. The New Westminster Royals (BCJHL) defeated Prince George Spruce Kings(PCJHL) in three straight.7-4, 8–5, 7–4. In the Centennial Cup, hosted by Vernon, the Vernon Lakers defeated New Westminster for the National Title with a come-from-behind 6–5 overtime win.

1991-92 ---The Vernon Lakers (BCJHL) defeated Prince George Spruce Kings of the newly formed Rocky Mountain Junior Hockey League in three straight. 5–1,7-5 and 5–2, for the 4th in five years.


  • 1928 Fernie (Roy Kirkpatrick)
  • 1929 Nelson (Maple Leafs ??)
  • 1930 King George of the Vancouver City Amateur Hockey League
  • 1931 Ex-King George, Vancouver
  • 1932 Trail Smoke Eaters, (R.E. Wilson)
  • 1933 Trail Smoke Eaters, (William 'Scotty' Ross)
  • 1934 Trail Smoke Eaters, (William 'Scotty' Ross)
  • 1935 King George of the Vancouver City Amateur Hockey League
  • 1936 Trail Smoke Eaters (Steve Matovich)
  • 1937 Trail Smoke Eaters (Steve Matovich)
  • 1938 Trail Smoke Eaters (Steve Matovich)
  • 1939 Trail Smoke Eaters (William 'Scotty' Ross)
  • 1940 Trail Smoke Eaters (William 'Scotty' Ross)
  • 1941 No Competition
  • 1942 No Competition
  • 1943 Trail Smoke Eaters (Gerry Thompson)
  • 1944 Trail Smoke Eaters (Gerry Thompson)
  • 1945 No Competition
  • 1946 Nanaimo Clippers (Walter 'Bus' Matthews)
  • 1947 Trail Jr. Smoke Eaters (Gerry Thomson)
  • 1948 Trail Jr. Smoke Eaters (Hedley Marshall)
  • 1949 Trail Jr. Smoke Eaters (Jimmy Anderson)
  • 1950 Trail Jr. Smoke Eaters (Jimmy Anderson)
  • 1951 Trail Jr. Smoke Eaters (Ron Gardiner)
  • 1952 Trail Jr. Smoke Eaters (Jimmy Anderson)
  • 1953 Vernon Juniors (Bud Anderson)
  • 1954 Trail Jr. Smoke Eaters (Robert Milne)
  • 1955 Trail Jr. Smoke Eaters (Leo Soligo)
  • 1956 Vernon Juniors (Sarge Sammartino)
  • 1957 Trail Jr. Smoke Eaters (Jimmy Mailey)
  • 1958 Warfield Juniors (Robert Clements)
  • 1959 Trail Jr. Smoke Eaters (Robert Clements)
  • 1960 Penticton Vees(Bernie Bathgate)
  • 1961 Trail Smoke Eaters (Ray Hamilton)
  • 1962 Kamloops Rockets (Kenny Stewart) (BCJHL)
  • 1963 Trail Smoke Eaters (Ray Hamilton)
  • 1964 Kamloops Rockets (Kenny Stewart)(BCJHL)
  • 1965 New Westminster Royals (Robert Bob Fenton)
  • 1966 New Westminster Royals (Robert Bob Fenton)
  • 1967 New Westminster Royals (Robert "Bob" Fenton)
  • 1968 Penticton Broncos (Jack Taggert)
  • 1969 Victoria Cougars (Doug Anderson)
  • 1970 Vernon Essos (Oddie Lowe)
  • 1971 Kamloops Rockets (Joe Tennant)
  • 1972 Vernon Essos (Oddie Lowe)
  • 1973 Penticton Broncos (Don Slater)
  • 1974 Bellingham Blazers (Lawrence Gingras)
  • 1976 Nor Wes Caps (Pac A)(Brian Crowe)
  • 1977 Richmond Sockeyes (Pac A)(J. Henderson)
  • 1978 Merritt Centennials (Joe Tennant)
  • 1979 Richmond Sockeyes (Pac A)(J. Wild, D. Purdy)
  • 1980 Penticton Knights (Marc Pezzin)
  • 1981 Penticton Knights (Marc Pezzin)
  • 1982 Penticton Knights (Marc Pezzin)
  • 1983 Abbotsford Flyers (Don Berry, John Olver)
  • 1984 Langley Eagles (John Olver, P. Logan)
  • 1985 Penticton Knights (Rick Kozuback, N. Iannone)
  • 1986 Penticton Knights (Rick Kozuback, N. Iannone) (CENTENNIAL CUP CHAMPIONS OF CANADA)
  • 1987 Richmond Sockeyes (Orland Kurtenbach) (CENTENNIAL CUP CHAMPIONS OF CANADA)
  • 1988 Vernon Lakers (Ernie Gare, George Fargher)
  • 1989 Vernon Lakers (Ernie Gare, Ed Johnstone)
  • 1990 New Westminster Royals (John Olver, D. Pisiak, V. Lemire, Harvey Smyl)
  • 1991 Vernon Lakers (Ed Johnstone, Keith Chase) (CENTENNIAL CUP CHAMPIONS OF CANADA)
  • 1992 Vernon Lakers (Ed Johnstone, Phil Esposito)
  • 1993 Kelowna Spartans (Jim Hammett) (CENTENNIAL CUP CHAMPIONS OF CANADA)
  • 1994 Kelowna Spartans (Jim Hammett)
  • 1995 Chilliwack Chiefs (Harvey Smyl)
  • 1996 Vernon Vipers (Rob Bremner, Troy Mick) (ROYAL BANK CUP CHAMPIONS OF CANADA)
  • 1997 South Surrey Eagles (Rick Lanz, J. Short, Mark Holick)
  • 1998 South Surrey Eagles (Mark Holick, J. Short) (ROYAL BANK CUP CHAMPIONS OF CANADA)
  • 1999 Vernon Vipers (Troy Mick, Joe Oliver) (ROYAL BANK CUP CHAMPIONS OF CANADA)
  • 2000 Chilliwack Chiefs (Harvey Smyl)
  • 2001 Victoria Salsa (Cambell Blair, J. Lund, J. Read)
  • 2002 Chilliwack Chiefs (Harvey Smyl)
  • 2003 Vernon Vipers (Mike Vandecamp, Bob Dever, Shawn Bourgeios)
  • 2004 Nanaimo Clippers (Bill Bestwick)
  • 2005 Surrey Eagles (Rick Hillier)
  • 2006 Burnaby Express (Rick Lanz, Bobby Vermette, Dave McLellan, Kolin Kriitmaa) (ROYAL BANK CUP CHAMPIONS OF CANADA)
  • 2007 Nanaimo Clippers (Bill Bestwick)
  • 2008 Penticton Vees (Fred Harbinson)
  • 2009 Vernon Vipers (Mark Ferner, Jason Williamson)
  • 2010 Vernon Vipers
  • 2011 Vernon Vipers
  • 2013 Surrey Eagles
  • 2014 Coquitlam Express
  • 2015 Penticton Vees
  • 2016 West Kelowna Warriors (ROYAL BANK CUP CHAMPIONS OF CANADA)
  • 2017 Penticton Vees
  • 2018 Wenatchee Wild
  • 2019 Prince George Spruce Kings
  • 2020 No Competition