Movement for Reconstruction of Poland

Movement for the Reconstruction of Poland (Polish: Ruch Odbudowy Polski, ROP) was a conservative[2] political party in Poland. It participated in the 1997 parliamentary election for the Sejm, where it received 5.6% of the vote, electing six representatives. During the following elections in 2001, two of its members were elected to the Sejm from the League of Polish Families electoral committee ticket. During the 2007 parliamentary election members of the Movement for the Reconstruction of Poland were elected from a party list endorsed by Law and Justice.

Movement for Reconstruction of Poland

Ruch Odbudowy Polski
LeaderJan Olszewski (1995–2011)
Stanisław Gogacz (2011–2012)
Founded18 October 1995
Dissolved23 June 2012
HeadquartersAl. Zjednoczenia 17 lok. 27a, 01-829, Warsaw
IdeologyNational conservatism
Social conservatism
Political catholicism
Political positionFiscal: Centre-left
Social: Right-wing
ColoursRed, White

The party ceased its activities on 23 June 2012.


Members of Polish Parliament (Sejm) 2001-2005Edit


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