Mourad Zaoui (Arabic: مراد زاوي; born 23 April 1980) is a Moroccan actor.

Mourad Zaoui
Mourad Zaoui

(1980-04-23) 23 April 1980 (age 43)
EducationLycée Elbilia, Queens College
Years active2004–present
Notable workKandisha
  • Mostapha Zaoui. (father)
  • Khadija Zaoui. (mother)

Biography Edit

Mourad Zaoui was born in the Aïn Sebaâ district of Casablanca, Morocco, on 23 April 1980. He is the oldest of two sons born to Mostapha and Khadija Zaoui.

After earning his bachelor's degree in business communication at the Lycée Elbilia in Casablanca in 1999, he moved to New York City to study English at Queens College. It was there that he discovered his passion for theatre and cinema.[1]

In 2002, however, Mourad’s father was diagnosed with lung cancer, whereupon Mourad returned to Morocco to care for his father and take over his family’s shoe manufacturing business. After his father’s death in 2004, Mourad decided to pursue his dream of becoming an actor.

In 2005, at the age of 25, Mourad was cast as the lead role in his first feature film, Wake Up Morocco. His first film role proved to be a difficult experience, as Mourad suffered from injuries from a motorcycle accident right before filming, as well as an appendicitis attack during filming. Despite these initial hurdles, Mourad persevered in his acting career, moving on to being cast in more than 60 film and television projects in Morocco and around the world.[2]

When he is not acting, Mourd enjoys surfing, fashion, motor sports, and martial arts.[3]

Filmography Edit

Film Edit

Television Edit

  • Les larmes d'argent (2007)
  • Nuclear Secrets, Episode 5: The Terror Trader (TV miniseries) (2007)
  • A Wonderful Family: Vacances marocaines (TV series) (2007)
  • Vacation Getaway: Marrakech (TV movie) (2008)
  • 3ichk al baroud 2010 (TV movie) (2010)
  • Ramesses: Mummy King Mystery (TV movie) (2011)
  • Willkommen im Krieg (TV movie) (2012)
  • Mankind: The Story of All of Us, Episode 1: Inventors (TV mini-series) (2012)
  • Khamsa (TV series) (2014)
  • The Ark (TV film) (2015)
  • Killing Jesus (TV miniseries) (2015)
  • The Night Manager, Episode 6 (TV miniseries) (2016)
  • The Blacklist, Episode 5 Season 5 (TV series) (2017)

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