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Ali Sabieh Mountain

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The Ali Sabieh Mountain (Somali: Buurta Ali Sabieh) is a mountain located just outside the city of Ali Sabieh in southeastern Djibouti. The hills are considered a local landmark.

Ali Sabieh Mountain
The famous landmark of Ali Sabieh
Highest point
Coordinates11°09′10″N 42°42′54″E / 11.15278°N 42.71500°E / 11.15278; 42.71500Coordinates: 11°09′10″N 42°42′54″E / 11.15278°N 42.71500°E / 11.15278; 42.71500
Ali Sabieh Mountain is located in Djibouti
Ali Sabieh Mountain
Ali Sabieh Mountain
Location in Djibouti
LocationAli Sabieh Region, Djibouti
Easiest routeHike


Cross of Lorraine symbol on Mountain of Ali Sabieh 1971.

In 1945, the colonial French authorities erected a sign on the mountain featuring the Cross of Lorraine symbol. It was later removed following Djibouti's independence in 1977, with the national emblem of Djibouti symbol erected in its place.