Mountain Grove Cemetery, Bridgeport

Mountain Grove Cemetery, Bridgeport, Connecticut, was laid out in 1849 in the then popular rural cemetery design in a park-like, rural setting away from the center of the city.

Mountain Grove Cemetery
P. T. Barnum's gravestone at Mountain Grove
CountryUnited States
Coordinates41°10′19″N 73°13′19″W / 41.172°N 73.222°W / 41.172; -73.222Coordinates: 41°10′19″N 73°13′19″W / 41.172°N 73.222°W / 41.172; -73.222
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The cemetery was founded by showman P. T. Barnum, who himself is buried there.[1] "The original grounds were surveyed and designed by Horatio Stone and Mr. [John] Moody," the cemetery's first superintendent.[2]

Tom Thumb's gravestone

Notable intermentsEdit

Notables interred here include:[3]

Civil War monumentEdit

The cemetery includes a Civil War monument, Pro Patria. The granite stele monument with bronze plaque, raised in 1906 by the Bridgeport Elias Howe Grand Army of the Republic post and the State of Connecticut, is dedicated "IN LOVING MEMORY OF THOSE WHO DID NOT RETURN". The monument, by the Bridgeport sculptor Paul Winters Morris (1865–1916) includes bas-relief figures of soldiers with heads bowed. The monument is at the front of a plot marked by pyramids of cannonballs that contains the graves of about 83 Civil War veterans.[4]

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