Mount Skukum Volcanic Complex

The Mount Skukum Volcanic Complex is an early Eocene caldera complex, located 43 km west of Carcross and 32 km northeast of Mount Porsild in the Yukon Territory, Canada. The complex composes the Skukum Group. It is a northeast-trending complex of subaerial volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks covering 140 km2.

Mount Skukum Volcanic Complex
Highest point
Elevation2,382 m (7,815 ft)
Prominence997 m (3,271 ft)
Coordinates60°11′40.9″N 135°29′24.0″W / 60.194694°N 135.490000°W / 60.194694; -135.490000Coordinates: 60°11′40.9″N 135°29′24.0″W / 60.194694°N 135.490000°W / 60.194694; -135.490000
LocationYukon, Canada
Parent rangeCoast Mountains
Topo mapNTS 115D/03
Age of rockEocene
Mountain typeCaldera
Last eruptionEocene
Easiest routeScramble

The Mount Skukum Volcanic Complex was formed when the ancient Kula Plate was subducting under North America during the early Eocene period.

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