Mount Seattle

Mount Seattle is a 10,350-foot (3,150 m) peak in the Saint Elias Mountains of Alaska in the United States. It was named for the city of Seattle, home of the "camp hands" of a 19th-century National Geographic Society–United States Geological Survey scientific expedition to the Hubbard Glacier and Mount Saint Elias.[3] It is called the "most prominent Alaskan coastal peak" and blocks sight of larger inland peaks, even Mount Logan nearly twice its height.[4]

Mount Seattle
Hubbard Glacier, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve (6808652231).jpg
Mount Seattle above Hubbard Glacier
Highest point
Elevation10,350 ft (3,150 m) [1]
Prominence5,494 ft (1,675 m) [1]
Coordinates60°05′19″N 139°11′54″W / 60.08861°N 139.19833°W / 60.08861; -139.19833Coordinates: 60°05′19″N 139°11′54″W / 60.08861°N 139.19833°W / 60.08861; -139.19833[2]
Mount Seattle is located in Alaska
Mount Seattle
Mount Seattle
LocationYakutat, Alaska, U.S.
Parent rangeSaint Elias Mountains
Topo mapUSGS Mount Saint Elias A-4
First ascentFred Beckey team, 1966

It was first ascended in May 1966 by Fred Beckey, Eric Bjornstad and four other climbers.[4][5][6]

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Mount Seattle and Hubbard Glacier

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