Mount Hebron Cemetery (New York City)

Coordinates: 40°44′03″N 73°49′50″W / 40.73417°N 73.83056°W / 40.73417; -73.83056

Mount Hebron Cemetery
Mount Hebron Cemetery (New York City) is located in New York City
Mount Hebron Cemetery (New York City)
Shown within New York City
Mount Hebron Cemetery (New York City) is located in New York
Mount Hebron Cemetery (New York City)
Mount Hebron Cemetery (New York City) (New York)
Size250 acres (1.0 km2)
No. of gravesmore than 220,000
WebsiteMount Hebron Cemetery

Mount Hebron is a Jewish cemetery located in Flushing, Queens, New York City. It was founded in 1903 as the Jewish section of Cedar Grove Cemetery,[1] and occupies the vast majority of the grounds at Cedar Grove.[2] The cemetery is on the former Spring Hill estate of colonial governor Cadwallader Colden. It is noted for its Yiddish theater section.[3][4] About 217,000 people have been buried in Mount Hebron since it opened.

There is a large Workmen's Circle section in both Cedar Grove and Mount Hebron Cemetery, with about 12,000 burials of Jewish and non-Jewish members of the Workmen's Circle.

There is also a large monument erected by immigrants and descendants of immigrants from the city of Grodno in what is today western Belarus. The monument is dedicated "In memoriam to our dear parents, brothers and sisters of the city of Grodno and environs who were brutally persecuted and slain by the Nazis during World War II."[5] This is one of several such monuments in the cemetery.

A part of Mount Hebron Cemetery's block 67 is reserved for people who worked in New York City's Yiddish theater industry.[6]

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