Mount Harker is a mountain peak located east of Willis Glacier in the Saint Johns Range, Victoria Land, Antarctica. The mountain was first mapped by the Terra Nova Expedition (1910–1913) led by Robert Falcon Scott. The mountain is named for Alfred Harker (1859–1939), an English geologist who specialised in petrology and petrography.[1]

Mount Harker
Highest point
Elevation914 m (2,999 ft)
Coordinates77°18′00″S 162°05′00″E / 77.30000°S 162.08333°E / -77.30000; 162.08333Coordinates: 77°18′00″S 162°05′00″E / 77.30000°S 162.08333°E / -77.30000; 162.08333
Parent rangeSaint Johns Range

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