Mount Archer National Park

Mount Archer National Park is a national park in Central Queensland, Australia, 522 kilometres (324 mi) northwest of Brisbane. It makes up the backdrop to the city of Rockhampton which marks the start of Tropical Queensland.

Mount Archer National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Savanna mount archer.jpg
Eucalypt woodland, Mount Archer National Park
Mount Archer National Park is located in Queensland
Mount Archer National Park
Mount Archer National Park
Nearest town or cityRockhampton
Coordinates23°19′31″S 150°34′55″E / 23.32528°S 150.58194°E / -23.32528; 150.58194Coordinates: 23°19′31″S 150°34′55″E / 23.32528°S 150.58194°E / -23.32528; 150.58194
Area36.1 km2 (13.9 sq mi)
Managing authoritiesQueensland Parks and Wildlife Service
WebsiteMount Archer National Park
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It comprises 4250 ha of open forests and woodland and its highest peak is Mount Archer which stands at 604m above sea level.[1] The Darumbal tribe Raki-warra clan considers the park as a part of its traditional country. It was explored by the Archer brothers in 1853 and was later named after them. In 1898, the site of the park was set aside as a water reserve and a timber reserve in 1940. The grazing went on until 1985 and later the area came under the supervision of the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. It became an environmental park in 1987 and was declared a national park in 1994.[2]

The vegetation is mostly open eucalypt woodland with patches of vine scrub. The rufous shrikethrush, white-browed scrubwren, powerful owl and glossy black cockatoo are some of the bird species found in the park.[3]

A road leads to the summit of Mount Archer, where there are a few bushwalking and rock climbing opportunities.

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