Motorsport News

Motorsport News is a British weekly newspaper offering news, reports and analysis of circuit racing, rallying and other forms of motor sport. Its offices are in Richmond in Middlesex.

Motorsport News
Motorsport News May 9 2018 cover.jpeg
TypeWeekly newspaper
Owner(s)Kelsey Media
EditorMatt James
HeadquartersRichmond, England
Circulation6,665 (ABC Jan–Dec 2017)[1]


It was first published in 1955 as Motoring News, a monthly publication aimed at domestic car owners, but was bought in 1957 by Teesdale Publications, the publishers of Motor Sport. Motoring News was relaunched as a weekly newspaper focused on motorsport at all levels, from amateur hill-climbs and autotests to Formula One and world rallying.[2][3][4][5]

Following the death of its owner, Wesley J. Tee,[6] Teesdale Publications was sold in 1996 to Haymarket Publishing.[7] In 2000 Haymarket rebranded Motoring News as Motorsport News.

In 2016 the publication was sold along with other titles in Haymarket's motoring portfolio to Miami-based Motorsport Network to form Autosport Media UK Ltd.[8]

In January 2020 Motorsport News was acquired by Kelsey Media, who publish several other motoring and specialist magazines.[9]


Amongst the notable motorsport journalists to work for the publication are Alan Henry[10][11] and David Tremayne.[12] Its first editor was Cyril Posthumus.

Event sponsorshipEdit

Motoring News initiated and sponsored a very successful national rally championship from 1961 to 1987.[13][14]

Motorsport News has been the title sponsor of a rally championship at UK racing circuits since 2015.[15][16]


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