Motor (disambiguation)

A motor is a mechanical or electrical device that creates motion.

Motor or Motors may also refer to:

  • Motor vehicle, a self-propelled road vehicle
  • Mator or Motor language, extinct since the 1840s, a Uralic language that was spoken in the northern region of the Sayan Mountains in Siberia
  • The Motors, a British pub rock/punk band, formed in 1977 by Nick Garvey, Andy McMaster, Ricky Slaughter and Rob Hendry, who was replaced by Bram Tchaikovsky the same year
  • Motor (Australian magazine), formerly known as Modern Motor, an Australian magazine
  • Motor (American magazine), an American automobile monthly
  • The Motor, formerly known as Motorcycling and Motoring, a defunct British magazine
  • Motor control, use of the brain in humans/animals to activate/coordinate muscles and limbs, etc.
  • Motor, Iowa, a small town in Iowa, USA
  • Motor skill, development in babies of learning coordination and usage of muscles, limbs, etc.
  • Motor cortex, part of brain involved in movement
  • Molecular motor, biological molecular machine

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