Mosul Vilayet

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The Mosul Vilayet[1] (Ottoman Turkish: ولايت موصل‎, romanized: Vilâyet-i Musul) was a first-level administrative division (vilayet) of the Ottoman Empire. It was created from the northern sanjaks of the Baghdad Vilayet in 1878.[3]

ولايت موصل
Vilâyet-i Musul
Vilayet of the Ottoman Empire
CUINET(1892) 2.800 Mosul Vilayet.jpg
The Mosul Vilayet in 1892
• 1897[2]
• Established
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Baghdad Vilayet
Mandatory Iraq
Kingdom of Kurdistan
Today part of Iraq

At the beginning of the 20th century it reportedly had an area of 29,220 square miles (75,700 km2), while the preliminary results of the first Ottoman census of 1885 (published in 1908) gave the population as 300,280.[4] The accuracy of the population figures ranges from "approximate" to "merely conjectural" depending on the region from which they were gathered.[4]

The city of Mosul and the area south to the Little Zab was allocated to France in the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement of the First World War, and later transferred to Mandatory Iraq following the 1918 Clemenceau–Lloyd George Agreement wherein France surrendered its rights to the area.

Administrative divisionsEdit

Sanjaks of the vilayet:[5]

  1. Mosul Sanjak (Mosul)
  2. Kerkük Sanjak (Kirkuk, Sehr-i-Zor)
  3. Sulaymaniyah Sanjak (Sulaymaniyah)

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