Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies

This is an article about a defunct university in Moscow. For a modern research institution in Moscow, see Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies (Russian: Московский институт востоковедения, abbreviated МИВ (MIV)) was a university-level educational institution that operated in Moscow, Russia, in 1920–1954. It was created as a result of merging Lazarev Institute of Oriental Languages and the Oriental studies departments in Moscow's other higher educational institutions.

Инстиут Востоковедения при РАН

When the institute was closed in 1954, its Department of Indian Languages and Department of the Languages of the Near and Middle East have been transferred into Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

Coordinates: 55°45′37″N 37°38′05″E / 55.76028°N 37.63472°E / 55.76028; 37.63472