Morris Castle

Morris Castle (also known as Castle Graig) is the name given to a ruined building that is situated off Trewyddfa Road in the Trewyddfa area of Swansea, South Wales.[1] It was built between 1768 and 1774 on behalf of Sir John Morris to house the families of workers at his industrial enterprises (mainly the copper works of Landore).[2]

Morris Castle
Remains of Morris Castle.jpg
Alternative namesCastle Graig
General information
TypeResidential tower block
LocationWales Swansea, Wales
AddressNear Trewyddfa Road, Morriston, Swansea SA6
Coordinates51°39′1.28″N 3°56′20.11″W / 51.6503556°N 3.9389194°W / 51.6503556; -3.9389194
Construction started1768
OwnerSwansea City Council
Technical details
Floor count4


The building originally consisted of four interconnected towers, each four stories tall. The towers were connected by blocks which were three stories tall, surrounding a central courtyard. Today, the structure is derelict, with only partial remains of two towers still standing, although several features of the building can still be seen, including the fireplaces, chimneys, and some of the windows.


Morris Castle, Swansea.

In 1815, Walter Davies, in collaboration with Edward Williams, wrote a survey of the economy of South Wales, and said of Sir John Morris that, "he seems to have been the most extensive individual builder of comfortable habitations for the labouring class. He first erected a kind of castellated lofty mansion, of a collegiate appearance, with an interior quadrangle, containing the dwellings for forty families, all colliers, excepting one tailor, and one shoemaker, who are considered as useful appendages to the fraternity."

The building was occupied until around 1850, when nearby open cast mining made the structure unsafe.

Recent historyEdit

On 25 January 1990, the easternmost wall of the structure collapsed in high winds during a storm. The building was purchased from the Beaufort Estate by Swansea City Council and is also listed as a Scheduled Ancient Monument with Cadw. In 2015 a campaign has been started on Facebook friends of castle Graig ( Morris house ) which has 500 likes there is also a campaign on to help put the building in the spot light

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