Moro may refer to:


  • Moro Crater massacre (1906), an engagement in the Philippine–American War
  • Moro River Campaign (1943), a World War II campaign between Allied and German forces on the Moro river and its headwaters in Italy
  • Moro insurgency in the Philippines (1969–2014), an ethnoreligious conflict in the Philippines between the predominantly-Catholic government and Muslim separatists

Ethnic groupsEdit

  • Moro people, a mostly Muslim people of southern Philippines
  • Moors, the English variation of the Spanish term moro referring to Muslim inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa during the Middle Ages
  • Sri Lankan Moors or Ceylon Moors, an ethnic group
  • Indian Moors, an ethnic group
  • Moro people, also known as the Ayoreo people, an indigenous people of Bolivia and Paraguay
  • Moro Nuba people, a subgroup of the Nuba people in southern Sudan
  • Moru people, an ethnic group in South Sudan
  • Moroccans, shortened form or slang referring to people from Morocco, sometimes used among immigrant communities






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