Morning Gloryville

Morning Gloryville originally named Morning Glory, is a sober, drug-free morning rave. Morning Gloryville was founded in 2013 by Nico Thoemmes and Samantha Moyo.[1][2] It was designed to be "fun... without the alcohol",[3] and an alternative to the morning gym.[2] One of the aims is to "reengage people with a form of exercise" without the negative health impacts of drugs and alcohol.[4] The original event occurs once a month in Shoreditch, East London.[1] Since then Morning Gloryville has expanded to 14 cities around the world.[3][5][6] The event is not exclusively raving, but also includes yoga and massage.[6] Because the event is drug and alcohol free it is also popular with families and children.[7]

Morning Gloryville
(Morning Glory)
GenreElectronic dance music
Location(s)London, international
Years active2013-present
Founded byNico Thoemmes and Samantha Moyo

Notable DJs including Basement Jaxx regularly play at Morning Gloryville.[8][9] Morning Gloryville also features at Bestivle in Sept 2014.[10][11] They also support up and coming DJs and in August 2016, they had Evan Duthie perform.[12][circular reference]

Conscious ClubbingEdit

Morning Gloryville is also cited as creating the concept of “Conscious Clubbing[2][6][13] This term can be used to mean a variety of things, clubs such as Raha use this to distinguish Non-profit-making monthly night clubs from commercial night clubs, as they can have more "ethical foundations" and they aim to "altering the concept of clubbing".[14] Clubs such as Asleep At The Wheel use this term to identify this as an alternative club, which incorporates "live music, visuals, art, talks and poetry readings".[14]

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