Morning Cloud

Morning Cloud was the name given by the British politician Edward Heath to a series of five yachts which he owned between 1969 and 1983.[1][2]

The yachtsEdit

No. 1Edit

Sparkman and Stephens S&S 34, length 34 ft., year of launch 1969. Edward Heath won the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race with this boat in the same year.[2] She was sold in December 1970 to Stewart Benest of Jersey, who renamed her Nuage de Matin. She sank off Gorey Castle, Jersey, on 2 September 1974, after the seas took her from her moorings.[3][4][5]

No. 2Edit

Designed by Sparkman and Stephens, length 42 ft., hull material wood (mahogany), constructed by Lallows[1] (UK), year of launch 1971. Heath used the boat in the Admiral's Cup of that year as part of the winning British team.[6] At least two copies of the boat were built under licence from him.[7]

No. 3Edit

Designed by Sparkman and Stephens, length 44 ft. 9 ins.,[8] hull material wood, constructed by Lallows[1] (UK), year of launch 1973. It was used in the Admiral's Cup of that year, but Heath was only on board for the Fastnet race because of other commitments.[9] It was lost at sea on 5 September 1974 when it was hit by a large wave while en route to Cowes from Burnham-on-Crouch.[4] Heath was not on board. Two of the seven crew drowned.[1][10] It was insured by Lloyd's of London. This was only three days after Morning Cloud I (see above) sank.[3][4]

No. 4Edit

Designed by Sparkman and Stephens, length 45 ft.,[11] hull material aluminium, constructed by Allday Aluminium of Gosport, year of launch 1975.[12]

No. 5Edit

Designed by Ron Holland, length 44 ft., hull material composite,[1] year of launch 1977.[13] In the 1979 Fastnet race (which was part of the Admiral's Cup) it lost its rudder and failed to finish. Heath sold the boat in 1983.[2]


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