Moreland School District

The Moreland School District operates five K-5 grade elementary schools, one K-8 school, and one grade 6-8 middle school in San Jose, California, United States. The district's FTE teachers serve around 4,025 ADA (Average Daily Attendance) students. It was established in 1851, making it the oldest known rural school district in California.[1]

Moreland School District
San Jose, California
Bay Area

United States
District information
SuperintendentMary Kay Going
Students and staff
StudentsGrades K-8
Other information
Schedule8:00 am -2:20 pm
Historical plaque commemorating the Moreland School District


In 1851, Moreland was established as the second school district in California. Instruction was provided in a private home. On November 13, 1852, teacher Samuel Rogers purchased the home of Zechariah Moreland for $350 to establish the district. The home was located at the corner of Payne and Saratoga Avenues, northeast of an old oak tree (officially named “The Moreland Oak Tree” in August 1981). It remained the schoolhouse until 1894 when Moreland Elementary School was built at that location. The picture of the Moreland School House is part of a picture taken in 1933. The facility was planned to take care of the ultimate growth of the Moreland School District. At first, only the lower floor was used. The upper floor was occasionally used for dances until it was needed for classroom space. In 1948, a new Moreland School was built; the old building was torn down in 1950. The modern Moreland School housed students from 1948 to 1975.[2] The Moreland Apartment Complex, a senior housing center, now occupies the site and a plaque designates it as Historical Landmark #489. The original school bell from the front of the building was saved and stands outside of the present Moreland School District Office as a reminder of its history.

For the 2005-2006 school year, due to declining enrollment and major state budget issues, Samuel Rogers Middle School and Latimer Elementary School were closed. All middle school students were channeled to Castro Middle School, renamed Moreland Middle School. Students from Latimer were redirected to Baker Elementary School, Payne Elementary School, and Country Lane Elementary School. The former Rogers site (Doyle Road) now houses Easterbrook Discovery School ("EDS"), while the former Easterbrook (Eastus Drive site) building is being leased out. All of the aforementioned changes occurred during the summer of 2006.

Latimer School was re-opened due to increased enrollment in the fall of 2014. Latimer sits in the middle of the district and was re-opened in part due to its central location, which allows it to ease crowding in many surrounding Moreland schools.


Leroy Anderson Elementary School was remodeled in 2005, and has 429 students. A K-5, and former Title 1 school, ending 2008/9 school year with standardized test scores (STAR) reaching over the 800 Academic Performance Index (API) mark from 674 to 810. For the 08/09 school year, Anderson earned the highest STAR test score growth in Santa Clara County for both reading and math. The Anderson community continues to meet the rigorous standards due to excellent teachers and community involvement. 2011 Star results 816, 2012 at 817, 2013 at 809 API.[3]

Gussie Myrtle Baker Elementary School is a K-5 school. Its colors are gold and blue, and its mascot is the bobcat. Their annual fundraising event is called the Catwalk. 2013 API 907.

Country Lane Elementary School is a K-5 school. Its mascot is the colt. 2013 API results 942.

George C. Payne Elementary School is a K-5 school. Its mascot is the panther. Colors are blue & white. 2013 API results 901.

Latimer Elementary School is one of two K-8 schools in the district. The other one is Easterbrook. Latimer reopened in the fall of 2014.

Moreland Middle School (MMS) is the primary middle (6-8) school in the district.[4] In the summer of 2006, Samuel Rogers Middle School was shut down and the students were diverted to the Castro Middle School campus, now renamed Moreland Middle School. Samuel Rogers Middle School and Castro Middle School were always "friendly" rivals, competing against each other in sports. The mascot of MMS is a Mustang, and the school colors are gold and black. There were 930 students in the 2009-2010 school year.[5] About 65% of the 8th graders at Moreland usually feed into Prospect High School and the rest attend Westmont High School. Some are accepted into local private high schools, such as Archbishop Mitty High School. In 2008 and 2009, Moreland's face changed a bit as a new locker room was built. The old locker room was torn down. Also built was a new two-story building with an upstairs media center and library, with modern classrooms below. In addition, it added a 50-space parking lot. The Mustangs consistently have their share of athletic excellence, as the eighth grade boys' soccer team were undefeated in their 2007-2008 season. The sixth grade boys' track team were also champions that year. In the 2008-2009 season, the B team of eighth grade boys' volleyball took 1st place. Electives at Moreland include band, orchestra, art, cooking, theater arts, yearbook, advanced art, tech lab, AVID, and debate and dialogue. Students are permitted one elective (plus an optional zero period) each semester. There are several zero-period elective classes available to Moreland students, all of which take place at approximately 7-7:50 a.m. Most of these rotate each semester, with a few exceptions. The Spanish language course (taught at Prospect High School) and Debate and Dialogue program are always available to eighth graders. Jazz band is available to all students who are accepted into the program by the band director. MMS's student leadership team, known simply as Leadership, does extensive community service work, such as reading holiday stories to students at the elementary schools. Mustangs also participate in Destination ImagiNation. 2013 API 861.

Easterbrook Discovery School (EDS) is one of two K-8 schools in the district. The other one is Latimer. Easterbrook is located at the former Rogers Middle School location, and has been there since 2006. Their mascot is the Husky (formerly the Dragon and Dolphins). EDS has group of several parent volunteers that actively participate in the school.[6] After the changes of 2006 and the move to a different campus, EDS changed from a K-5 school to a K-6 school. They added the 7th and 8th grades in Fall 2007. Currently EDS has a full 6th, 7th and 8th grade enrollment (approx. 290 middle schoolers). To attend the EDS middle school is now by wait list when required depending on grade. The middle school is expanding rapidly, and new buildings are under construction. Easterbrook's daily student bell schedule differs slightly from MMS, with EDS starting 10 minutes later than MMS. The original rivalry between Rogers and Castro has been replaced by the EDS-MMS rivalry. In 2012 they held the 1st annual Boys "Spirit" Basketball game with the EDS Huskies vs. the MMS Mustangs. EDS won this first game 39 to 37 in January 2012. This Spirit game has now been expanded to girls basketball for fall 2012. This is now a must-attend event for both schools students to show their spirit and continue with the friendly rivalry between the two schools. Before 2003, Easterbrook Discovery was two different schools – Easterbrook Elementary School (Eastus Dr) and Discovery Elementary School (Phelan Dr). The two schools merged in mid-2003 due to State budget issues. EDS offers Moreland Woods a 1.5 acre rustic open space area for events, a yearly renaissance faire, "haunted woods" and pumpkin patch, as well as other unique uses of this rare natural space.

School detailsEdit

School District Details
School Name Students FTE Teachers
[Leroy] Anderson Village Elementary School 492 24.5
Gussie Baker Elementary School 907 26.5
Latimer School 450 25 (est)
Moreland Middle School 1040 33.6
Country Lane Elementary School 693 27.3
Easterbrook Discovery School 1027 29
George Payne Elementary School 637 22.1

Note: Data in table is based on 2009-2010 school year data

District-wide activitiesEdit

Music programEdit

The band and orchestra program at the district is supported by the District, a dedicated community, and two fundraising organizations, Music in Moreland ("MIM") and The Moreland Educational Foundation. All elementary schools make the music program available for 4th and 5th graders. They are given the choice to borrow an instrument from school, rent one, or buy their own. Fourth and fifth graders who are part of the program can participate in their school's band or orchestra. A host of instruments are taught, including violas, violins, cellos, basses, flutes, saxophones, and drums. Both middle schools have robust award-winning music programs that include bands, Jazz Band, and orchestras.

On December 5, 2009, Moreland Middle School made its debut as a marching band at the Los Gatos Holiday Parade. The middle school's music program consists of three bands, two orchestras, a percussion ensemble, and a jazz band. The jazz band has performed at San Pedro Square and at the Santa Cruz Jazz Festival.

Middle school athleticsEdit


  • March 2011 – The Goldin Foundation for Excellence in Education Award
  • March 2011 – The Glen Hoffman Award
  • March 2011 – The National School Boards Association Magna Award for closing the achievement gap
  • March 2011 – The Association of California School Administrator Region 8 Superintendent of the Year
  • December 2010 – California School Boards Golden Bell Award
  • December 2017 – National Blue Ribbon Award, George C. Payne Elementary School

Property indexEdit

Property Status Address
Amber Elementary School Closed/Property leased 3500 Amber Drive, San Jose CA 95117
Anderson Elementary School Open 4000 Rhoda Dr, San Jose, CA 95117
Baker Elementary School Open 4845 Bucknall Rd, San Jose, CA 95130
Bucknall Elementary School Closed/Property sold to Harker 4300 Bucknall Road, San Jose, CA 95130
Brookview Elementary School Closed/Property sold for residential development 12301 Radoyka Dr., Saratoga, CA 95070
Country Lane Elementary School Open 5140 Country Lane, San Jose, CA 95129
Coventry Elementary School Closed/Property leased 1125 West Campbell Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008
Discovery Charter School Open/Leased out to DCS (located on Anderson campus) 4021 Teale Avenue, San Jose, CA 95117
(Old) Easterbrook Elementary School Closed/Property Leased 4660 Eastus Dr, San Jose, CA 95129
Easterbrook Discovery School Open 4835 Doyle Road, San Jose, CA 95129
El Quito Park Elementary School Closed/Property sold 18720 Bucknall Road, Saratoga, CA 95070
Latimer Elementary School Open 4250 Latimer Ave, San Jose, CA 95130
Moreland Community Center & Main Gym Open 1850 Fallbrook Ave, San Jose, CA, 95130
"Old" Moreland District Office & Transportation Center Closed - Sold to residential developer 4710 Campbell Ave, San Jose, CA 95130
Moreland District Office & Transportation Center Open 4711 Campbell Ave, San Jose, CA 95130
Moreland Child Development Center (aka Moreland Pre-School) Open 3750 Gleason Ave, San Jose, CA 95130
Payne Elementary School Open 3750 Gleason Ave, San Jose, CA 95130
Phelan Elementary School Closed/Property leased 801 Hibiscus Lane, San Jose, CA
Strawberry Park Elementary School Closed/Property leased 730 Camina Escuela, San Jose, CA 95129

Board of TrusteesEdit

Current Board MembersEdit

Hon. Brian Penzel, Member (Term 2022)
Hon. Julie Reynolds-Grabbe (Term 2020)
Hon. Heather Sutton (Term 2022)
Hon. Ryan Sales (Term 2022)
Hon. OPEN SEAT for Appointment (Robert Varich) (Term 2020)

Previous Board MembersEdit

Hon. Karen Whipple, (ret.) Term 2006 - Dec 2018
Hon. Robert Varich, (ret.) Term 2004 - Dec 2018
Hon. Lori Booroojian, (ret.) Term 2002 - Dec 2013
Hon. Brian S. Penzel, Term March 2011 to December 2012 [appointed]
Hon. James Macfarlane (ret.) Term 2004 - March 2011
Hon. Taleen Nazarian (ret.) Term 2000 - Jan 2006
Hon. Tim Cassell (ret.) Term # - 2006
Hon. Susan Zimmer (ret.) Term # - 2004
Hon. Frances Amlin (ret.) Term # - 2004


Mary Kay Going, 2015–Present
Mark Barmore, 2011 - 2015 (ret.)
Glen Ishiwata, 2006 - 2011 (ret.)
Les Adelson PhD, 2002 - 2006 (ret.)
James Ritchie, EdD. 1991- 2002 (ret.)


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