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Moonnamathoral (Malayalam: മൂന്നാമതൊരാള്‍; translation: A Third Person) is the first digital movie in the world conceived and distributed digital format and this is a Malayalam movie. It was created by Martin Sebastian, produced by Benzy Martin, Project Head Bibu Raj, distributed by Emil & Eric and the Digital Film Edited by Don Max and Sangeeth Kollam and directed by V. K. Prakash. The movie, which falls into the genre of suspense thrillers, was shot primarily at Peerumedu in Idukki, Kerala. The movie stars Jayaram and Jyothirmayi in the lead roles. This movie marked a remarkable status in cinema history as it the one helped the transition of cinema from conventional film format to digital.

Directed byV. K. Prakash
Produced byBenzy Martin
Written byRajesh Jayaraman
Samvrutha Sunil
Murali Menon
Harisree Ashokan
Mala Aravindan
Prem Prakash
Kulappulli Leela
Maya Viswanath
Music byOusepachan, Girish Puthencherry (lyrics)
CinematographyLoganathan Srinivasan, Shibu Chakravorthy
Edited byDon Max
Sangeeth Kollam
Distributed byEmil & Eric Digital Films
Release date
25 August 2006
Budget70 lakhs

The digital technology was provided in Kerala by Emil & Eric Digital Private Limited, a Thrissur-based company engaged in the production and distribution of digital movies. Nearly eighty theatres in urban, semi-urban and rural areas across the Indian state of Kerala were equipped with digital transponders to receive the film via satellite.

The movie is noted for being the first high-definition (HD) cinema to be digitally distributed to theatres via satellite.[1][2] It was also the first Malayalam film to be shot entirely using HD cameras.[3] The new technology was developed by Mumbai-based DG2L Technologies. The company was the first to introduce an MPEG-4-based digital cinema distribution and presentation system. DG2L has delivered more than 800 of its cinema systems to UFO Moviez, and approximately 700 of them are now installed in theatres throughout India.[2]

The movie was released on 18 August 2006.


Two young girls, Anupama (Samvrutha Sunil) and Rahael (Sherin), rent an old palace and are disturbed by the presence of a strange lady who moves around their place. They are adamant on finding out the truth about her. The palace's manager (Mala Aravindan), also a witchcraft practitioner, is keen to help them. As the girls find it difficult to move forward in their enquiry, the second story begins.

The second story follows when Jeeva (played by Jayaram), a police officer, falls in love with Bala (Jyothirmayi), who is a budding writer. Their professions intervene with their personal lives, preventing them from any serious romancing prior to marriage. Soon after their marriage, Jeeva receives a job transfer to the high ranges of Idukki. Bala is excited at the prospect, as she feels the salubrious mountain atmosphere will help nurture her writing skills. Jeeva is also looking forward to it, as a perfect opportunity to rekindle their lost romance.

However, despite the positive atmosphere, life at the bungalow soon takes an unexpected twist. Life for the couple turns uneasy, as Bala senses someone, apart from the two of them, inhabiting the bungalow. Haunted by a perpetual paranoia, she wakes up most nights to nightmares. Jeeva, concerned with how their marriage is turning out, finally agrees to investigate. The investigation leads him into the unknown realms of the bungalow's shady past, unravelling a forgotten history, thus leading to a startling realisation of who the "third someone" is.



  • Creator: Martin Sebastian
  • Producer: Benzy Martin
  • Banner: Fairy Queen Productions
  • Project Head : Bibu Raj
  • Distributor: Emil & Eric Digital Films Pvt Ltd.
  • Director: V. K. Prakash
  • Lyrics: Shibu Chakravarthy
  • Music: Ousepachan
  • Technical director: Anil Nair
  • Cinematography: S Lokanathan
  • Screenplay: Rajesh Jayaraman
  • General manager: Bibu Raj
  • Finance controller & Coordinator Vinu Abraham

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