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The Mooncraft Shiden (also known as 紫電, SHI-DEN or MC/RT-16) is a Japanese Super GT GT300 class prototype race car. The Shiden is a joint venture with a body designed by the Japanese automotive design company Mooncraft and produced by the American racing car manufacturer Riley Technologies.

Privée Zurich Asset Shiden
RT-16 2006.JPG
CategorySuper GT GT300
Riley Technologies
Technical specifications
ChassisHybrid steel-Aluminum
Suspension (front)Double wishbone Pushrod with 3 Way adjustable dampers
Suspension (rear)Double wishbone Pushrod with 3 Way adjustable dampers
Axle track1630/1625 mm
Wheelbase2788 mm
EngineToyota 90°V8-DOHC32V- 4.2 l naturally aspirated. Mid-engined, longitudinally mounted.
TransmissionX-Trac 6-Speed manual sequential
Weight1150 kg
TyresAdvan 300-640x18/355-710x18 (275-620x17/330-700x17)
Competition history
Notable entrantsJapan Cars Tokai Dream28
Japan Eva Racing
Notable driversJapan Kazuho Takahashi
Japan Hiroki Katoh
Japan Hiroshi Hamaguchi
Debut2006 Suzuka 300km
Constructors' Championships1 (2007)
Drivers' Championships0

The car is currently used by the Honda-based team Cars Tokai Dream28. In the 2011 season, the team changed their name to Eva Racing as part of a collaboration with the Evangelion franchise, along with painting the Shiden to match the Eva-01.



Shiden 77 (1977)Edit

The original Shiden, known as Moon Craft 紫電 Shiden 77 Coupé (or simply "紫電77") debuted in the 500 km 1977 Fuji Grand Champion Series.

Shiden MC/RT-16 (2006)Edit

In 2006 Mooncraft revived the original Shiden with a new bodydesign and entered the Super GT championship under the Privée team.


The latest Shiden uses a modified Riley Daytona Prototype as the body's base, hence the "RT-16" in the chassis code.

Technical DataEdit

Official technical specifications as unveiled on December 12, 2005:[1]

  • Body: Carbon/Glass fiber composite
  • Overall length: 4640mm
  • Height: 1210mm
  • Width: 1985mm
  • Road clearance: 90mm to 120mm (adjustable)
  • Max.Power: 460ps/7800rpm (Power/Weight Ratio = About 2.5)
  • ECU: MOTEC M-880
  • Brake Caliper: Front/6 Pod Monoblock, Rear/4 Pod Monoblock
  • Safety: 6 Point seat belt/Harness, Fire extinguisher, Carbon composite structure (Front, Rear, & Side)


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