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Moomin (Swedish: Mumin / Mumintrollen; Finnish: Muumipeikko) is a comic strip created by Tove Jansson, and followed up by Lars Jansson, featuring their Moomin family of characters. The first comic strip, entitled Mumintrollet och jordens undergång (Moomintroll and The End of The World) was a short-lived project for the children's section of the Finland-Swedish leftist newspaper Ny Tid. It was written between 1947 and 1948, at the request of the editor, a friend of Jansson's, Atos Wirtanen. The series was published with two new strips weekly, and was mainly an adaptation of Comet in Moominland. The series has been reprinted in book form under the name Jorden går under (The World is Ending) by the newspaper.

Moomin comic strips
Author(s)Tove Jansson
Lars Jansson
Current status/scheduleEnded
Launch date1947
Syndicate(s)Ny Tid
Evening News
Publisher(s)Associated Newspapers
Genre(s)Humor, Satire

The main series of Moomin comic strips were made directly for the British market: they were spread by the British Associated Newspapers comic strip syndicate and the original publisher was the Evening News newspaper. The series originally appeared in newspapers from 1954 to 1975. At its peak, Moomin appeared in over 40 countries and about 120 papers, with over 20 million readers daily, making it the most successful Finnish comic strip ever published. Tove and Lars Jansson received the Finnish Comic Strip Association's "Puupää-hattu" award in 1980.

In the 1990s, a comic book version of Moomin was produced in Scandinavia after Dennis Livson and Lars Jansson's Moomin animated series was shown on television. The Janssons had no involvement in these comic books. However, in the wake of the comic books success, two new Moomin comic strips were launched under the artistic and content oversight of Lars and his daughter, Sophia Jansson-Zambra. Sophia now provides sole oversight for the strips.[1] The original comic strip stories made by Tove Jansson and Lars Jansson has had adaptations including Moomin (1990) anime series and the 2014 animated film based on Moomin on the Riviera comic strip story.


The comic strip was born, when Charles Sutton, the leader of the Associated Newspapers syndicate contacted Tove Jansson. Jannson's first Moomin books Comet in Moominland (1946) and Finn Family Moomintroll (1948) had already been translated to English and had been successful in the United Kingdom. In a letter to Jansson in January 1952, Sutton asked if she was willing to transfer the Moomins to comic strip format:

It has come to my mind, that your "Moomin" family could make an interesting comic strip, which would not necessarily be aimed at children. It is obvious that the Moomin family appeals to children, but we think these wonderful creatures could be used in comic strip form to satirise our so-called civilised lifestyle.

At the time, Tove Jansson had already had experience in drawing Moomin comic strips. She had already published a long comic strip story Mumintrollet och jordens undergång in the Finland-Swedish Ny Tid newspaper in 1947, which was loosely based on her book Comet in Moominland. The comic strip attracted strong criticism from the left-wing readers of the newspaper, who thought the Moomins were too bourgeois, and the newspaper did not order any more comic strips from Jansson. After Sutton's offer, Jansson made a seven-year contract to draw Moomin comic strips in June 1952. Before the comic was published, Jansson developed the strip together with the comic press of Associated Newspapers, and particularly Charles Sutton guided the artist in great detail. For a time, the syndicate sought a separate writer for the strip, but in the end, the decision was that Jansson would both write and draw the strip herself.

The newspaper that would publish the Moomin comic strip ended up being Evening News, part of the Associated Newspapers syndicate, which was the largest afternoon newspaper at the time, with a circulation of 12 million. The comic strip Moomin was first published in the newspaper on 20 September 1954. Sutton had organised a very prominent advertisement campaign to support the start of the new comic strip. The strip was quickly sold to other countries, particularly the Nordic countries. In Finland, the strip started on 21 April 1955 in Ilta-Sanomat, the largest afternoon newspaper in the country. In the same year, the strip also started in the Swedish-language local newspapers Västra Nyland and Vasabladet, and in 1957 in Åbo Underrättelser. Most newspapers publishing the Moomin comic strip were European, but it was also published in more distant places. In North America, it was finally sold to the Canadian Toronto Daily Star, but in the United States, no newspaper worthy of note accepted it on its pages.

List of comic strip storiesEdit

The strip was divided into episodes, each with distinct titles and storylines.

Number English name Swedish name[2][3] Finnish name Creator(s) Year of appearance Publication notes
0. Moomintroll and the End of the World Mumintrollet och jordens undergång Muumipeikko ja maailmanloppu Tove July 2, 1948 Originally published in Ny Tid.
1. Moomin and the Brigands Mumintrollet Muumipeikko Tove July 7, 1954 Originally published in The Evening News. Reprinted in Drawn & Quarterly's Moomin Vol.1 (2006) ISBN 9781894937801
2. Moomin and Family Life Muminfamiljen Muumiperhe Tove January 19, 1955
3. Moomin on the Riviera Mumin på Rivieran
Familjen lever högt
Muumiperhe Rivieralla Tove February 23, 1955
4. Moomin's Desert Island Den ensliga ön Yksinäinen saari Tove March 16, 1955
5. Moomin's Winter Follies Den farliga vintern Vaarallinen talvi Tove June 8, 1955 Originally published in London's The Evening News. Reprinted in D&Q's Moomin Vol.2 (2007) ISBN 9781897299197
6. Moominmamma's Maid Låtsaslek Kuvitteluleikki Tove February 22, 1956
7. Moomin Builds a House Mumin bygger ett hus
Att bygga ett hus
Talonrakennus Tove April 25, 1956
8. Moomin Begins a New Life Mumin börjar ett nytt liv
Vi börjar ett nytt liv
Aloitamme uuden elämän Tove May 30, 1956
9. Moomin Falls in Love Mumin blir kär
Mumintrollet blir förälskat
Muumipeikko rakastuu Tove July 18, 1956 Originally published in London's The Evening News. Reprinted in D&Q's Moomin Vol.3 (2008) ISBN 9781897299555
10. Moomin Valley Turns Jungle Mumindalen blir djungel
Vi bor i en djungel
Viidakkoelämää Tove September 5, 1956
11. Moomin and the Martians Mumin och marsmänniskorna
Mumintrollet och marsinnevånarna
Muumipeikko ja marsilaiset Tove February 27, 1957
12. Moomin and the Sea Mumin och havet
Muminfamiljen och havet
Muumiperhe ja meri Tove March 13, 1957
13. Club Life in Moomin Valley Föreningsliv i Mumindalen
Yhdistyselämää Muumilaaksossa Tove April 24, 1957
14. Moomin Goes Wild West Mumintrollet i vilda västern
Mumin i Vilda Västern
Muumipeikko villissä lännessä Tove/Lars May 1, 1957 Originally published in London's The Evening News. Reprinted in D&Q's Moomin Vol.4 (2009) ISBN 9781897299784
15. Snorkmaiden Goes Rococo Snorkfröken i rokoko
Snorkfröken i Rococo
Niiskuneiti rokokoossa Tove/Lars January 22, 1958
16. Conscientious Moomin Mumin och medborgarkänslan
Mumin blir social
Muumipeikko ja velvollisuudentunto Tove/Lars February 12, 1958
17. Moomin and the Comet Mumin och kometen Muumipeikko ja pyrstötähti Tove/Lars April 9, 1958
18. Moomin and the Golden Tail Mumin och den gyllene svansen
Den gyllene svansen
Muumipeikko ja kultainen häntä Tove May 7, 1958
19. Moomin Winter Muminvinter Muumitalvi Tove/Lars January 21, 1959 Originally published in London's The Evening News. Reprinted in D&Q's Moomin Vol.5 (2010)ISBN 9781897299944
20. Moomin under Sail Mumin till sjöss Muumipeikko merillä Tove/Lars February 11, 1959
21. Fuddler's Courtship Klåttdjurets frieri Hosulin kosinta Tove/Lars March 18, 1959
22. Moomin's Lamp Mumins lampa Muumin lamppu Lars February 3, 1960 Originally published in London's The Evening News. Reprinted in D&Q's Moomin Vol. 6 (2011) ISBN 9781770460423
23. Moomin and the Railway Mumin och järnvägen Muumipeikko ja rautatie Lars 1960
24. Moominpappa and the Spies Muminpappa och spionerna Muumipappa ja vakoojat Lars 1960
25. Moomin and the Circus Mumin och cirkusen Muumipeikko ja sirkus Lars 1960
26. Moomin the Colonist Mumin Nybyggaren Muumit uudisasukkaina Lars 1961 Originally published in London's The Evening News. Reprinted in D&Q's Moomin Vol. 7 (2012) ISBN 9781770460621
27. Moomin and the Scouts Mumin och scouterna Muumipeikko ja partiolaiset Lars 1961
28. Moomin and the Farm Mumin brukar jorden Muumipeikko maanviljelijänä Lars 1961
29. Moomin and the Goldfields Mumin och guldgrävarna Muumipeikko kullankaivajana Lars 1961
30. Moomin Family Robinson Robinson Mumin Robinson Muumi Lars 1962 Originally published in London's The Evening News. Reprinted in D&Q's Moomin Vol. 8 (2013) ISBN 9781770461215
31. Artists in Moomin Valley Mumin och konsten Muumipeikko ja taide Lars 1962
32. Sniff's Holiday Camp Sniff's badort Nipsun kylpylä Lars 1962
33. The Inspector's Nephew Polismästarens brorson Poliisimestarin veljenpoika Lars 1962
34. Damsel in Distress Dam i dilemma Neitonen ahdingossa Lars 1963 Originally published in London's The Evening News. Reprinted in D&Q's Moomin Vol.9 (2014) ISBN 9781770461574
35. Fuddler and Married Life Knappar och äktenskap Nappeja ja avioliittoja Lars 1963
36. Sniff's Sport Shop Sniff's sportshop
Sniffs sportaffär
Nipsun urheiluliike Lars 1963
37. Mymble's Diamond Mymlans diamant Mymmelin timantti Lars 1963
38. Moomin and the Vampire Mumin och vampyren Muumit ja vampyyri Lars 1964 Originally published in London's The Evening News. Reprinted in D&Q's Moomin Vol.10 (August 2015) ISBN 9781770462021
39. Moomin and the TV Mumin och TV Muumipeikko ja televisio Lars 1964
40. The Underdeveloped Moomins De underutvecklade mumintrollen Alikehittyneet muumit Lars 1964
41. Moomin and Aunt Jane Mumin och moster Muumipeikko ja täti Lars 1964
42. Moomin and the National Park Mumin och naturparken Muumit ja luonnonpuisto Lars 1965 Originally published in London's The Evening News.
43. Moomin and the Good Old Days Mumin och den Gamla Goda Tiden
Den gamla goda tiden
Muumipeikko ja vanhat hyvät ajat Lars 1965
44. Moomin's Pet Hundliv i Mumindalen Koiranelämää Muumilaaksossa Lars 1965
45. Moomin the Private Eye Mumin detektiven Muumisalapoliisi Lars 1966
46. Spring in Moomin Valley Vårkänslor Kevättunteita Lars 1966
47. Moomin Rescues a Princess Mumin räddar en prinsessa Muumipeikko pelastaa prinsessan Lars 1966
48. Moomin and Agent 008 ½ Mumin och agent 008½ Muumipeikko ja agentti 008 ½ Lars 1966
49. Moomin Lives Dangerously Mumin lever farligt Muumipeikon vaarallinen elämä Lars 1967
50. Moomins in Torrellorca Mumin på Torrelorca Muumit Torrelorcalla Lars 1967
51. Snorkmaiden Crashes Society Snorkfröken i societeten Niiskuneiti seurapiireissä Lars 1967
52. Moomins in Ancient Greece Redan de gamla grekerna Jo muinaiset kreikkalaiset Lars 1967
53. Sniff Goes Good Sniff blir god Nipsu parantaa tapansa Lars 1968 Originally published in several newspapers (but not London's The Evening News).
54. Moomin the Journalist Redaktör Mumin Muumipeikko toimittajana Lars 1968
55. Moomin and the Orphans Mumin och de föräldralösa Muumipeikko ja orpolapset Lars 1968
56. Sir Moomin Riddar Mumin Ritarimuumi Lars 1969
57. Horsey Moomin Mumin till häst Muumipeikko ratsailla Lars 1969
58. Moomin and the Mermaid Mumin och sjöjungfrun Muumipeikko ja merenneito Lars 1969
59. Emancipated Moomins Missans återkoms Miskan paluu Lars 1970
60. Moomin and the Radicals Mumin och Radikalerna Muumipeikko ja radikaalit Lars 1970
61. Moomin Christmas Mumin-Jul Muumijoulu Lars 1970
62. Moomin in Ancient Egypt Mumin i Egypten Muumipeikko Egyptissä Lars 1971
63. Sniff Falls in Love Sniff blir kär Nipsu rakastuu Lars 1971
64. Moomin Engagement Mumin förlovar sig Muumipeikon kihlaus Lars 1971
65. Moomin and the Flying Dutchman Mumin och den flygande Holländaren Muumipeikko ja Lentävä hollantilainen Lars 1972
66. Snorkmaiden the Seer Snorkfröken blir synsk Niiskuneidistä tulee ennustaja Lars 1972
67. Moomin and the Beach Mumin och badstranden Muumipeikko ja uimaranta Lars 1973
68. Moomin Gets Rich Mumin blir rik Muumipeikko rikastuu Lars 1973
69. Moomin and the Guru Mumin och Gurun Muumipeikko ja guru Lars 1973
70. Moominpappa and Old Age Muminpappan på ålderns brant Muumipappa vanhuuden porteilla Lars 1974
71. Moomin in Battle Batalj i Mumindalen Taistelu Muumilaaksosta Lars 1974
72. Moomin in Neander Valley Mumin i Neanderdalen Muumipeikko Neanderthalissa Lars 1974
73. Moomin and the Ten Piggy Banks Mumin och de tio sparbössorna Muumipeikko ja kymmenen säästöporsasta Lars 1975


The comic strips are currently being republished in a set of hardback books, in original publication order, by Canadian publisher Drawn & Quarterly. The first 5 volumes collect the Tove and Tove/Lars strips, and are titled Moomin: The Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip. The 6th and subsequent volumes collects Lars' strips, and are titled Moomin: The Complete Lars Jansson Comic Strip.


The Moomin (1990) anime series featured several episodes, which are loose adaptations based on comic strip stories, while several characters from comic strips are featured in the anime series as well. The second season, known as sequel anime series Delightful Moomin Family: Adventure Diary (楽しいムーミン一家 冒険日記, Tanoshii Mūmin Ikka: Bōken Nikki) in Japan, has also several episodes based on the comic strip stories more rather than original novels made by Tove Jansson. Notably, few episodes featured time traveling with the time machine, that has accidentally created by Moominpapa. Both of seasons' episodes are directed by Hiroshi Saitô and Masayuki Kojima.

Animated filmEdit

The 2014 traditional animated comedy film directed by Xavier Picard and produced by Hanna Hemilä, is based on the Moomin on the Riviera comic strip story and has been first released on 10 October 2014 in Finland to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Tove Jansson's birth.[4][5] The film is heavily faithful to the original comic strip story, while it features some elements from other comic strip stories and adds several characters who didn't appear in the original story to the film such as Little My and Snufkin.[6]


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