Fake Four Inc.

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Fake Four is an independent record label based in New Haven, Connecticut. It was founded by brothers Ceschi and David Ramos in 2008.[1][2]

Fake Four
Founded2008 (2008)
FounderCeschi, David Ramos
Distributor(s)Sonic Unyon, Redeye Distribution
GenreIndie hip hop, indie rock
Country of originU.S.
LocationNew Haven, Connecticut
Official websitewww.fakefourinc.com

According to an interview with Ceschi on Ugsmag.com, the Ramos brothers started Fake Four with help from Grimm Image Records in San Bernardino, California and Squids Eye Recording Collective in Dayton, Ohio as an outlet to release and distribute their personal music projects and those of their friends. Since the initial release This Up Here by David Ramos, Fake Four Inc. has been a self-sufficient label.[3]

Style edit

Fake Four Inc. does not adhere to genre specifications. Brett Uddenberg of URB praised the label for pushing the boundaries of indie rap.[4][failed verification] Chris Faraone of The Phoenix wrote: "you heard it here first: Fake Four is the most important label in progressive hip-hop right now."[5]

History edit

The first full-length release on Fake Four Inc. came with This Up Here by David Ramos on May 20, 2008.[6][failed verification] It is a self-published album by co-founder of the label and Modern Drummer magazine's Top 10 Progressive drummers.[7] and XLR8R[8][failed verification].

In 2010, Fake Four Inc. became official label partners with Circle Into Square in Portland, Oregon and took on production and distribution duties for the smaller like-minded label. Fake Four Inc. is exclusively distributed by Sonic Unyon in Canada and Redeye Distribution worldwide. [citation needed]

In 2013, an Indiegogo campaign for Fake Four Inc. raised over $52,000 to cover manufacturing costs and operating expenses.[9]

Fake Four Inc. has released albums by Astronautalis, Blue Sky Black Death, Boy in Static, Busdriver, Electric President, K-the-I???, Myka 9, Noah23. Nearly all releases on the label have placed on CMJ charts, including Vessel by Dark Time Sunshine on #2 CMJ Hip Hop ranking and Lawson Graham by Factor Chandelier and Owl Hours by Awol One & Factor on #3 CMJ Hip Hop showings.[citation needed]

Fake Four Inc. has also been noted for their intra-label collaborations[1] and artists signed to the label have self-booked tours through the United States,[10] Canada[11] and Europe.[12]

Artists edit

According to their site as of 2017, Fake Four Inc.'s current promoted artists include

Artists still on the roster include

Artists now archived include

Artists with one time releases on the label include

  • Delby L
  • Hired Hand
  • Lord Fowl
  • Pretend You're Happy
  • Ron Contour

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