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Montsame (Mongolian: МОНЦАМЭ) is the official state owned news agency of Mongolia. Montsame is an acronym for Mongolyn Tsakhilgaan Medee Mongolian: Монголын Цахилгаан Мэдээ, or Mongolian Electronic News. It was founded in 1921.[1] It has permanent correspondents in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolian aimag centers, Beijing, and Moscow.

IndustryNews agency
OwnerGovernment of Mongolia (in English)


International cooperationEdit



  • - Website
  • МОНЦАМЭ Мэдээ (MONTSAME medee) - Weekly outline of Mongolia-related news around the world
  • МОНЦАМЭ Тойм (MONTSAME toim) - Monthly magazine
  • ᠬᠦᠮᠦᠨ ᠪᠢᠴᠢᠭ (Khümüün bichig) - Weekly newspaper in Mongolian script

Foreign languageEdit

  • MONTSAME Daily News,MONTSAME Novostii - Daily newsletter in Russian
  • MONTA tele studi - Daily Mongolia related videos in English
  • Новости Монголии (Novosti Mongolii) - Weekly newspaper in Russian
  • Mongol Messenger - Weekly newspaper in English
  • 蒙古消息报 (Menggu xiaoxibao) - Weekly newspaper in China
  • モンゴル通信 (Mongoru Tsuushin) - Weekly newspaper in Japan
  • Mongolia Today - seasonal magazine in English
  • Mongolia - yearly booklet in English

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