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The Montreal Axion were a National Women's Hockey League team (2003 to 2007) located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The Axion represented Quebec at the 2005 Esso Women's Nationals.[2] They were previously known as Bonaventure Wingstar (1998–99) and Montreal Wingstar[3][4] (1999–2003). This team was succeeded as the women's professional hockey team of Montreal by the Montreal Stars in the Canadian Women's Hockey League, starting with the 2007–2008 season.

Montreal Axion
CityMontreal, Quebec
LeagueNational Women's Hockey League
Home arenaCentre Étienne Desmarteau
ColorsDark blue, red & white
Owner(s)Robert Vegiard and France St-Louis[1]
General managerSylvain Dutil
Head coachYanick Evola
CaptainLisa-Marie Breton
Alternate captains:
Annie Desrosiers, Catherine De Abreu and Cathy Chartrand



The team evolved in the National Women's Hockey League starting in the 1998–99 season. During the inaugural season, they were named the "Bonaventure Wingstar", then the following season, they became the "Montreal Wingstar". Five years after its creation, in 2003, the team was renamed the Montreal Axion.


Year by year
Season GP W L T GF GA Pts
1998–99 34 13 16 5 104 91 31
1999–2000 35 18 7 10 116 62 46
2000–01 40 30 6 4 163 63 64
2001–02 30 11 14 5 66 78 27
2002–03 36 18 15 3 83 81 39
2003–04 36 20 11 5 113 84 46
2004–05 36 24 10 2 140 85 51
2005–06 36 14 19 3 100 122 33
2006–07 13 6 7 0 66 56 13

Note: GP = Games played, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, GF = Goals for, GA = Goals against, Pts = Points.


The team takes gains the first championship of its division. During the playoff rounds, the Wingstar manages to steal in the first tour by winning its 2 matches[5] and to consider for championship finale.[6] The team loses the finale match 2–5 against Brampton Thunder which is crowned champion.[6]


The second season is more difficult and the Wingstar escapes from a single point the first position to the Division classification.[7] In playoffs, St-Julie's panthers eliminate Wingstar from the first round:[8]

On Saturday, March 4th, 2000: St-Julie Panthers 6–0 Montreal Wingstar
On Sunday, March 5th, 2000: Montreal Wingstar 2–1 St-Julie Panthers
in Extra time): Montreal Wingstar 0–1 St-Julie Panthers

The big addition of the 2000–01 season is the arrival of the goaltender Manon Rhéaume.[9] Rhéaume performe indeed and help the team to finish at the top of the East Division. The team's attack is not outdone by the presence of Caroline Ouellette and France St-Louis. Behind the bench, Julie Healy acts as coach. Healy sees furthermore in the supervision of Concordia Stingers.


Several new players come lent strong hand to the team, among others Gina Kingsbury, Angela Ruggiero, Jenny Lavigne and Annie Desrosiers.[10] For Goaltender, Charline Labonté replaces Manon Rhéaume.[11] The Axion ends in the 1ier Division rank and 3th[clarification needed] in the league. Gina Kingsbury score 31 goals and has 29 assist. She finish the season of 30 matches with more than 60 points contributing to the Axion'successes.[12] In the Playoff rounds, Montreal Axion goes to finale game but loses in barrage 5–4 against Toronto Aeros. Also Montreal Axion represents Quebec to the 2005 Esso National Championships.[10]


Axion of Montreal wins the National Women's Hockey League Championship by a victory 1–0 against Brampton Thunder in front of 6 000 supporters at Brampton, Ontario.[13] The victorious Goal is scorer by Lisa-Marie Breton and the Shutout goes to Charline Labonté.[14] Axion beforehand finished in the second rank) of its division, behind Ottawa Raiders. It is about the only championship taken gained by Montreal Axion in the history of the National Women's Hockey League.


Less fortunate, this season, Montreal Axion ends in the Division 5th rank of the regular season but recovers serial eliminating heats: at first by gaining the East Division Championship[15] then by participating in Championship Finale of National Women's Hockey League. Brampton Thunder triumphs 4–0 against Montreal Axion.[16] Bramton Thunder so takes gains the championship. In the grip of grave difficulty financiers, the National Women's Hockey League stops its activities a little time after[17][18]

Season standingsEdit

= Indicates First Place finish
= Indicates championship
Year Regular Season Playoffs
1998–99 1st place, Eastern Division lost in final (Silver Medal)
1999–2000 2nd, Eastern Division eliminated in first round
2000–01 1st place,Eastern Division eliminated in first round
2001–02 2nd, Eastern Division eliminated in first round
2002–03 1st place, Eastern Division eliminated in first round
2003–04 1st place, Eastern Division eliminated in first round
2004–05 1st place, Eastern Division Finalist, lost in Final game
2005–06 2nd, Eastern Division NWHL champions
2006–07 5th,in one division finalist, lost the final game

NWHL ChampionshipsEdit

  • 1998–99 finalist and lost the final game again Brampton Thunder[19]
  • 2004–05 finalist and lost the final game again Toronto Aeros
  • 2005–06 won the championship[20]
  • 2006–07 finalist and lost the final game again Brampton[21]

2006–07 rosterEdit

Number Player Former Team Hometown
54   Sabrina Patenaude Montreal Axion (2005–06) Pierrefond, Quebec
53   Jenny Lavigne Montreal Axion (2005–06) Montreal, Quebec
20   Sophie Courtemanche Montreal Axion (2005–06)
20   Krystel Boutin Montreal Axion (2005–06) Longueuil, Quebec
Number Player Former Team Hometown
77   Caroline Laforge Montreal Axion (2005–06)
73   Roxanne Dupuis Montreal Axion (2005–06) Montreal, Quebec
55   Catherine Ward Montreal Axion (2005–06) Montreal, Quebec
24   Catherine De Abreu Montreal Axion (2005–06) Roxboro, Quebec
19   Leanne Martell Montreal Axion (2005–06) Trenton, Nova Scotia
13   Jessica Finlayson Montreal Axion (2005–06) Seaforth, Ontario
9   Chantal Guevremont Montreal Axion (2005–06) St-Laurent, Quebec
7   Cathy Chartrand Montreal Axion (2005–06) Nomininque, Quebec
5   Meghan Maguire Montreal Axion 2005–06 Amherst, New Hampshire
Number Player Former Team Hometown
96   Dominique Thibault Montreal Axion (2005–06) Boucherville, Quebec
48   Annie Desrosiers Montreal Axion (2005–06) St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu, Quebec
27   Catherine Bertrand Montreal Axion (2005–06) Sherbrooke, Quebec
26   Lisa-Marie Breton Montreal Axion (2005–06) Montreal, Quebec
25   Melanie Mantha Montreal Axion (2005–06) Montreal, Quebec
23   Jesse Scanzano Montreal Axion (2005–06) Montreal, Quebec
22   Erika Pouliot Montreal Axion (2005–06) Montreal, Quebec
16   Valerie Hamel Montreal Azion (2005–06) Montreal, Quebec
16   Karell Emard Montreal Axion (2005–06) Richelieu, Quebec
12   Kelly Sudia Montreal Axion (2005–06) Pointe-Claire, Quebec
11   Anouk Grignon-Langlais Montreal Axion (2005–06) Outremont, Quebec
7   Veronique Sanfacon Montreal Axion (2005–06) Beauport, Quebec
6   Sarah Smiley Montreal Axion (2005–06) Toronto, Ontario
5   Cynthia Morin Montreal Axion (2005–06)


Notable playersEdit

Several former players of Montreal Axion become famous in the new Canadian Women's Hockey League, among others[23] Lisa-Marie Breton-Lebreux, Caroline Ouellette, Kim St-Pierre, Nathalie Déry, Angela Ruggiero, Dominique Thibault, Emmanuelle Blais, Charline Labonté, Sabrina Harbec, Jesse Scanzano, Kelly Sudia and Jenny Lavigne[24]

Coaching staffEdit

  • General Manager: Sylvain Dutil
  • Head Coach: Yanick Evola,[28][29] Julie Healy (for Montreal Wingstar, season 2000–01)[30]
  • Assistant Coach: Alain Hénault
  • Assistant Coach: Patrick Larivière


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