Montenegrins of Serbia

The Montenegrins of Serbia (Serbian: Црногорци у Србији, romanizedCrnogorci u Srbiji) are a national minority in the country. According to the 2011 census, there are 38,527[2] ethnic Montenegrins in Serbia. They are the sixth largest ethnic community in the Vojvodina province.

Montenegrins of Serbia
Crnogorci u Srbiji
Црногорци у Србији
Flag of Montenegrins in Serbia.svg
Flag of the National Council of the Montenegrin Minority in Serbia
Total population
38,527 (2011)
Regions with significant populations
 Vojvodina22,141 (1.15%)
Serbian or Montenegrin[1]
Eastern Orthodoxy
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The largest concentration of Montenegrins in Vojvodina could be found in the municipalities of Vrbas (24.79%), Mali Iđoš (20.83%), and Kula (16.34%). Settlements in Vojvodina with an absolute or relative Montenegrin majority are: Lovćenac in the Mali Iđoš municipality with 56.86% Montenegrins, Kruščić in the Kula municipality with 32.64%, and Montenegrins in Savino Selo in the Vrbas municipality with 38.20% Montenegrins. Formerly, the village of Bačko Dobro Polje in the Vrbas municipality also had a Montenegrin majority (According to the 1971 census, Montenegrins comprised 55.39% of population of this village, while according to the 2002 census, the current population of the village is composed of 57.17% Serbs and 38.18% Montenegrins. Also, Montenegrins in Sivac in the Kula municipality had a Montenegrin majority in the 1970's, now they have a sizable minority population of 30.06% according to the 2002 census.


Village of Lovćenac, Sveti Petar Cetinjski Church
Year Montenegrins %
1948 74,860 1.15%
1953 86,061 1.23%
1961 104,753 1.37%
1971 125,260 1.48%
1981 147,466 1.58%
1991 139,299 1.42%
1991 (excl. Kosovo) 118,934 1.52%
2002 (excl. Kosovo) 69,049 0.92%
2011 (excl. Kosovo) 38,527 0.5%

In Vojvodina, the number of Montenegrins, according to 1948-2011 censuses: 1948: 30,589 (1.9%); 1953: 30,516 (1.8%); 1961: 34,782 (1.9%); 1971: 36,416 (1.9%); 1981: 43,304 (2.1%); 1991: 47,289 (2.3%); 2002: 35,513 (1.75%); 2011: 22,141 (1.15%).


Montenegrins in Serbia speak Serbian/Montenegrin and the vast majority are adherents of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The society of Montenegrins in Serbia, known as "Krstaš", is based in Lovćenac. Montenegrin language was recognised as minority language in official use in Mali Iđoš.[3]

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