Monte Jayuya

Monte Jayuya is the second[1] highest peak of Puerto Rico measuring 1,296 meters (4,252 ft) above sea level.[2] The mountain is located in the Cordillera Central, on the border between the municipalities of Jayuya (Barrio Saliente)[3] and Ponce (Barrio Anón).[4][5] The peak is located in the municipality of Ponce[6] and it is within the Toro Negro State Forest.

Monte Jayuya
Monte Jayuya.jpg
Monte Jayuya from Coabey.
Highest point
Elevation1,315 m (4,314 ft)
Coordinates18°10′04″N 66°34′29″W / 18.16778°N 66.57472°W / 18.16778; -66.57472Coordinates: 18°10′04″N 66°34′29″W / 18.16778°N 66.57472°W / 18.16778; -66.57472
Monte Jayuya is located in Puerto Rico
Monte Jayuya
Monte Jayuya
Parent rangeCordillera Central
Easiest routeHike


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