Monte Guilarte

Monte Guilarte, also known as Monte del Guaraguao, is the fifth-highest peak in Puerto Rico at 1,199 meters (3,934 ft) above sea level. The mountain is located in the Cordillera Central, in the municipality of Adjuntas.[1][2]

Monte Guilarte
Monte Guilarte is located in Puerto Rico
Monte Guilarte
Monte Guilarte
Highest point
Elevation1,199 m (3,934 ft)
Coordinates18°09′33″N 66°46′37″W / 18.15917°N 66.77694°W / 18.15917; -66.77694Coordinates: 18°09′33″N 66°46′37″W / 18.15917°N 66.77694°W / 18.15917; -66.77694
Parent rangeCordillera Central
Easiest routeHike

It is so named after Captain Juan Guilarte de Salazar, a Spanish explorer and Conquistador, who was one of the first settlers of Puerto Rico. In 1513, Guilarte de Salazar led a column of 50 men to victory against 600 Taíno Indians in the southwest of the island.

The mountain and its surroundings encompasses the Guilarte State Forest, located in Guilarte, Adjuntas, Puerto Rico.


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