Monte Cristo (company)

Monte Cristo was a French computer game developer and publisher, based in Paris. It was established in 1995 by former Credit Suisse First Boston vice-president Jean-Marc de Fety and former Mars & Co strategy senior consultant Jean-Cristophe Marquis. The company was led by Jean-Christophe Marquis and Jérome Gastaldi since 2002. Monte Cristo declared bankruptcy in May 2010 following poor sales of Cities XL.[1]

Monte Cristo
IndustryVideo games
FoundersJean-Marc de Fety
Jean-Cristophe Marquis
Revenue1,000,000 euro (2009) Edit this on Wikidata
−2,820,000 euro (2009) Edit this on Wikidata

The first training program was followed by Wall Street Trader, which was named "best educational software" by the European Commission, among others, for its accurate simulation of international stock market conditions, and is one of the most successful games in this genre.[2] Next, the company developed Start Up 2000, which allows players to realistically start and run their own business.[3]

Games developed and publishedEdit

Title Year
Airline Tycoon 1998
Wall Street Trader 98 1998
Wall Street Trader 99 1999
Wall Street Trader 2000 2000
Start - Up 2000
Starpeace , published by Oceanus Communications 2000
Stardom: Your Quest For Fame, also known as TV Star 2000
TV Star 2001
Wall Street Trader 2001 2001
Crazy Factory 2001
Dino Island 2002
Platoon 2002
Micro Commandos 2002
Emergency Fire Response (aka Fire Department in Europe and Fire Chief in UK) 2003
Medieval Lords : Build, Defend, Expand 2004
Desert Rats vs.Afrika Korps 2004
D - Day 2004
Fire Department 2 (aka Fire Captain) 2004
Pop Life 2005
Moscow to Berlin : Red Siege 2005
City Trader 2005
7 Sins 2005
1944 Battle of the Bulge 2005
Fire Department : Episode 3 2006
Th3 Plan 2006
War on Terror 2006
City Life , published by cdv Software Entertainment 2006
KAZooK, published by Xplosiv 2007
Silverfall 2007
Cities XL , originally known as Cities Unlimited 2009


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