Monsters and Critics

Monsters and Critics (M&C) is a news blog founded in 2003. It features celebrity and entertainment news, reviews and coverage of subjects related to the arts, health and wellness, literature, lifestyle, tech, travel, fashion, beauty, food, spirits, wine and automobiles.

Monsters and Critics
Type of site
OwnerMonsters and Critics
Created byJames Wray and Ulf Stabe
RevenueMonthly Revenue: $46,560 (2010)
Launched2003; 17 years ago (2003)
Current statusActive


Monsters and Critics was founded in 2003 by James Wray and Ulf Stabe, who co-own its management company, WOTR Limited.[1] April Neale (TCA - Television Critics Association, BTJA - Broadcast Television Journalists Association member) is the managing editor and editor of Television, Lifestyle, Food, Travel and the Arts. Kieran MacIntyre is the Comics, Graphic Novels and Music editor. In addition to the English version, the group added a German language edition in 2006.[2]

In January 2010, estimated the website's potential worth at $3,911,040, its daily ad revenue at $1,552, and its monthly revenue at $46,560, with approximately 343,331 visitors per day, and 1,201,658 page views per day.[3] It has been quoted in numerous newspapers and outlets including The New York Times,[4] Los Angeles Times,[5] and BBC News.[6]

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Monsters and Critics features several additional sites, notably,[7] The Viral Hub[8] and also has a German language site[9] plus technology-focused spin-off, The Tech Herald which publishes news, investigative reporting and reviews.[10]


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