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Mons Usov is a small lunar mountain that is located in the southeastern part of the Mare Crisium, to the north of the crater Firmicus, west of Concorcet crater, and northwest of Promontorium Agarum. It is essentially a part of the mountainous rim of the Crisium basin but appears somewhat isolated because of flooding of the basin by mare basalt.

Mons Usov
Mons Usov AS17-P-2219.jpg
Oblique Apollo 17 image, facing south
Highest point
ListingLunar mountains
Coordinates11°55′N 63°16′E / 11.91°N 63.26°E / 11.91; 63.26
Locationthe Moon

It was formally named in 1979, after Soviet geologist Mikhail Antonovich Usov.[1]

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