Monika Enterprise

Monika Enterprises is a Berlin, Germany-based independent record label.

Monika Enterprise
FounderGudrun Gut
Country of originDE
Official websiteOfficial Web Site of Monika Enterprise

In 2001, Wallpaper magazine described the label's musical style as "[o]ccupying a twilight zone between electronic pop, easy listening and bedsit angst" and "[s]pearheading a new generation of, frequently female, electronic introspective sounds".[1] In 2007, Resident Advisor praised it as an "ace leftfield label".[2]

Gudrun Gut has stated that the label was named after a deceased goldfish of hers.[1]

Artists (Selection)Edit


  • Monika Werkstatt (16 June 17)
  • Musik f├╝rs Wohnzimmer
  • Santa Monika
  • Raumschiff Monika
  • Monika Force
  • 4 Women No Cry Vol.1
  • 4 Women No Cry Vol.2
  • 4 Women No Cry Vol.3

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