Monika (opera)

Monika is a 1937 operetta by Nico Dostal to a libretto by Hermann Hermecke. The premiere was 3 October 1937 in Stuttgart.[1]


  • Selections on Nico Dostal dirigiert sein beliebtesten Operetten - Die ungarische Hochzeit, Manina, Clivia, Monika, Eurodisc LP


  1. ^ Andrew Lamb 150 Years of Popular Musical Theatre- 0300075383 2000 Page 230 "It was another operetta with a topical plot about the movies that gave success to Nico Dostal (1895-1981), who had for some years ... , Monika (1939), Die ungarische Hochzeit (The Hungarian Wedding, 1939), and Manina (1942)."