Mong Nai Township

Mong Nai Township is a township of Leng Khay District in the Shan State of Myanmar.[1] The main town is Mong Nai. It is an ancient city. The primary agricultural products of the area are rice and sugar.

Mong Nai

Mong Nai is located in Myanmar
Mong Nai
Mong Nai
Location in Burma
Coordinates: 20°31′N 97°52′E / 20.517°N 97.867°E / 20.517; 97.867Coordinates: 20°31′N 97°52′E / 20.517°N 97.867°E / 20.517; 97.867
Country Burma
StateShan State
DistrictLoilem District
Time zoneUTC+6.30 (MST)


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