Monastery of Mar Awgin

Monastery of Mor Augin (Syriac: ܕܝܪܐ ܕܡܪܝ ܐܘܓܝܢ‎, romanizedThe Monastery of St. Augin, Arabic: دير مار أوجين‎) is located in southeastern Turkey and is 40 kilometers from Nusaybin.[1]

Monastery of Mor Augin
Hauptgebäude des Klosters Mor Augin, nördliche Sicht.jpg
The Monastery of Mor Augin from the northern point of view
Monastery of Mar Awgin is located in Turkey
Monastery of Mar Awgin
Location within Turkey
Monastery information
OrderSyriac Orthodox Church
Dedicated toSaint Awgin
LocationNear Nusaybin,  Turkey
Coordinates37°10′04″N 41°24′30″E / 37.167739°N 41.408318°E / 37.167739; 41.408318Coordinates: 37°10′04″N 41°24′30″E / 37.167739°N 41.408318°E / 37.167739; 41.408318


The monastery was founded in the first half of the fourth century AD by Saint Awgin, a monk from El Kulzom, Egypt.[2] Mor Augin came with seventy of his disciples to preach Christianity in Mardin Province which was controlled by the Sasanian Empire.

During the 1915 Sayfo the monks witnessed destruction of Syriac villages in the plains below. The monastery was also affected by violence.[3]


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