Mon Mane Na (1992 film)

Mon Mane Na (Bengali: মন মানে না) is a 1992 Indian Bengali romance film directed by Inder Sen featuring Prosenjit Chatterjee and Silpa Das.[1][2]

Mon Mane Na
Mon Mane Na.jpeg
The poster for the film
Directed byInder Sen
StarringProsenjit Chatterjee
Silpa Das
Music byBabul Bose
Distributed byA.V.A. Films Productions
Release date
  • 5 January 1992 (1992-01-05)
Running time


Shantunu and Shikha picnic with their friends and the couple enjoys ribbing each other. Sahntunu's barrister father, Bhabotosh Bose, has ordered him to study law as his main subject after he completes his B.Com. Shikha does not share the same perspective on life: the elder one likes to act in plays, the middle one was fond of songs and the last was a karate master. The one thing common between all of them, they much loved Skhikha.

They come to college separately to sit for their examinations, but Shikha finds she is unable to sit since her exam has already started. Shikha is crying when Shantunu encounters her. She says that being orphaned and in the care of her maternal uncles, she is unable to face her uncles. Shantunu feels for her and plays a trick to solve the problem.

Shikha and Shantunu fall in love. Shantunu introduces her to his mother; she likes the girl. His father saw them on a road and was not so quick with his opinion of her; he asks his wife Protima to learn of her background. Shikha is having a conversation with her Mejomama while remembering when, on the death of her father, her maternal uncles come for her. Shikha and Shauntunu argue over the latter's birthday; there is some confusion between Shantunu and Shikha's elder maternal uncle; Shantunu hammers the uncle.

Shikha's birthday is soon and Shantunu wants to be at the celebration, but Shikha asks him to meet her in the park the next day. After some days Shautunu's father decided to meet Shikha's maternal uncles to talk about his son's marriage. Shikha's uncles meet with the groom's father that when the uncles introduce themselves in relation to their passions, he is not assured of her suitability.

Shautunu plays a prank to settle the situation. This time Shantunu individually attempts to impress Shikha's uncles and he succeeds. Shikha's uncles decide that Shikha will marry the person they choose; they did not know that it was Shantunu. They came to know about Shantunu and are angry. Shikha is hurt by that action. The uncles realize that their anger is hurting Shikha and decide she should marry whom she wants. Shantunu's father agrees with the change of heart of the uncles and Shantunu and Shikha marry.



# Title Duration
1 Ekta Chithi Dilam Likhe anu 3:41
2 Kane Kane Boli Tumi Shono Barbar 5:20
3 Chadmobeshi Nayak Ami---udit narayen 4:03
4 Mama Tumi Amader Bhorosa ---kumar sanu 3:48
5 Hamida Banu Kore Kusti 4:41
6 Mon Mane Na 4:16
7 Raag Koro Na 3:22
8 Khukumani O Ma Janani 3:38


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