Moments of Love

Moments of Love is a 2006 Filipino romance film directed by Mark Reyes, and released in March as a summer offering by GMA Films. It is a classic romantic tale between two people from different timelines. The film stars Dingdong Dantes, Iza Calzado and Karylle. The movie also stars Paolo Contis, Dion Ignacio, Isabel Oli, Sandy Andolong, Ces Quesada, Ian Veneracion, Jojo Alejar, Valerie Concepcion and Ms. Gloria Romero.

Moments of Love
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A classic tale of romance between two individuals living in a different time
Directed byMark A. Reyes
Produced byAnnette Gozon-Abrogar
Screenplay byGina Marissa Tagasa
Story byAnnette Gozon-Abrogar
Music byNonong Buencamino
CinematographyJay Linao
Edited byMarya Ignacio
Distributed byGMA Pictures
Release date
  • March 10, 2006 (2006-03-10)
Running time
104 minutes
Box office₱199,00

Plot synopsisEdit

Marco (Dingdong Dantes), a photographer, along with his sister (Isabel Oli) and their cousin Duke (Jojo Alejar) are on a vacation in an old sleepy town. While strolling around town a mysterious woman is hit by a van while trying to save Marco's life. He visits the woman and is drawn to her granddaughter Lianne (Karylle). Marco and Lianne start to develop a relationship but recent events cause Marco to be withdrawn. He suddenly finds himself haunted by a deep feeling of loneliness.

His yearning leads to a telephone conversation with Divina (Iza Calzado), the daughter of a haciendero. They find solace in each other. Divina lives in the past (1957) while Marco lives in the present (2006).

In a sleepy town, time curved for two people to meet and part...


  • Dingdong Dantes as Marco - A photographer from 2006 who is on vacation with his sister and cousin while his parents are in London. He gets to know Divina through the mysterious phone in his room, which is Divina's old room.
  • Iza Calzado as Divina Buenacer - The daughter of a haciendero from the 1950s. She loves to paint. She gets to know Marco through the mysterious phone in her room.
  • Karylle as Lianne - Rosa Santos' (Later revealed to be Divina) young granddaughter. Her grandmother's accident leads her to meet Marco.
  • Gloria Romero as Rosa Santos/Old Divina - Lianne's grandmother who is actually Divina. She is renamed Rosa Santos by her kind husband who is the captain of the ship that sunk when Divina tried to go to Manila.
  • Chinggoy Alonzo as Senyor Andres Miguel Buenacer - Divina's father who decides to marry his daughter to Juancho, who is Divina's childhood friend, but later backs out on the agreement after he realizes that his daughter is unhappy.
  • Ces Quesada as Senyora Amelia Buenacer - Divina's mother who thinks that her daughter should marry for love.
  • Ian Veneracion as Captain Ricardo Santos - Divina's kind husband, whom she meets after he saves her from their ship (which was bound for Manila) sunk. He is also the one who renamed the amnesia stricken Divina, Rosa Santos.
  • Paolo Contis as Juancho - Divina's fiancée and childhood friend. He does everything in his power to try to make Divina his.
  • Isabel Oli as Ava - Marco's sister who becomes concerned when her brother suddenly acts strangely. She falls in love with Kiko, Ceding's grandson.
  • Dion Ignacio as Kiko - Ceding's grandson, who helps his grandmother take care of the Buenacer villa. He falls in love with Ava, Marco's sister.
  • Sandy Andolong as Elma
  • Jojo Alejar as Duke - Marco and Ava's witty cousin. Once a famous actor and director, he is trying to make a comeback to save his failing career.
  • Ama Quiambao as Old Ceding - Kiko's grandmother who is the caretaker of the Buenacer mansion.
  • Valerie Concepcion as Young Ceding - Divina's best friend and confidante, she is the maid of the Buenacer's and remains loyal to them even in 2006, during which she converted the villa into a bed and breakfast for travellers as a means to take care of the villa.


GMA Records released an original motion picture soundtrack prior to the film's playdate.

  1. "Moments Of Love Suite" - Nonong Buencamino
  2. "Moments Of Love" (Orchestra Version) - Jennylyn Mercado & Janno Gibbs
  3. "Sana'y Maghintay Ang Walang Hanggan" - Karylle
  4. "Moments Of Love" (Pop Version) - Brenan Espartinez, Charmaine Piamonte & Michael Garcia
  5. "Sana'y Maghintay Ang Walang Hanggan" - Alvin Nunez
  6. "Moments Of Love" (New Age Version) - Agatha Obar
  7. "Marco"
  8. "Give Me One More Chance" - Sipol
  9. "Moments Of Love" - (Pop Version Minus One)

Media releaseEdit

The series was released onto DVD-format and VCD-format by GMA Records. The DVD/VCD was released in 2006.

Awards and nominationsEdit

  • Nominated and awarded a Certificate of Excellence in the 2006 New York Festival Film and Video Awards[citation needed]

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