Mollet del Vallès (Catalan pronunciation: [muˈʎɛd dəl βəˈʎɛs]) is a municipality in the comarca of the Vallès Oriental in Catalonia, Spain. It is situated in the valley of the Besòs river, and is an important communications hub from Barcelona towards the north: the AP-7 Motorway passes through the municipality, as do the Renfe railway lines to Vic and Puigcerdà and to Girona and Portbou. The town is also served by the C-17 highway (formerly N-152).

Mollet del Vallès
Flag of Mollet del Vallès
Coat of arms of Mollet del Vallès
Mollet del Vallès is located in Catalonia
Mollet del Vallès
Mollet del Vallès
Location in Catalonia
Mollet del Vallès is located in Spain
Mollet del Vallès
Mollet del Vallès
Mollet del Vallès (Spain)
Coordinates: 41°32′20″N 2°12′47″E / 41.539°N 2.213°E / 41.539; 2.213
Country Spain
Community Catalonia
ComarcaVallès Oriental
 • MayorMireia Dionisio (2022–)[1] (PSC-PSOE)
 • Total10.8 km2 (4.2 sq mi)
65 m (213 ft)
 • Total51,133
 • Density4,700/km2 (12,000/sq mi)
Area code08100

Mollet del Vallès has a number of buildings in the modernista and noucentista styles. The studio-museum of the painter Abelló displays modern Catalan art.

Shooting at the 1992 Summer Olympics was carried out in Mollet del Vallès; the range has been reused for the 1998 ISSF World Shooting Championships.

Tha flag is a horizontal tricolour, in the proportion 2:1:1, of white, red, and white, and has a red mullus (a goatfish) on the broad upper stripe.

History edit

10th century edit

In the middle of the 10th century, Mollet was a little center of population that depended on the bishop of Barcelona.

12th century edit

Of the medieval past of Mollet, there is only remaining the Romanesque church of Santa Maria de Gallecs

From 15th to 18th centuries edit

Mollet (which back then also included Parets) did not raise the population until the 17th century, then, a new church was built, but as ruling a town with 3 churches was hard, there were constant conflicts, which concluded with the separation of Parets.

Sites of interest edit

The City Hall
  • St Fost's Church
  • The Abelló Museum

The Abelló Museum is a municipal art museum located in Mollet del Vallès, in El Vallès Oriental.[1] Opened on 29 March 1999, its principal collection comprises pieces from artist and collector Joan Abelló, which donated his collection to the city in 1996, creating the Joan Abelló Foundation, an independent organisation of the Mollet del Vallès Town Council. The museum is located in an Art Nouveau-style building from 1908, of which only the façade has been preserved.[4]

  • The old Market
Abelló Museum.

Notable people edit

Twin towns edit

References edit

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