Molenwaard [5](Dutch pronunciation: [ˈmoːlə(ɱ)ˌʋaːrt]) is a former municipality in the western Netherlands, in the southeastern part of the province of South Holland, and the northwestern part of the region of Alblasserwaard. It was the result of a merger of the municipalities of Graafstroom, Liesveld, and Nieuw-Lekkerland on 1 January 2013. On 1 January 2019 it merged with Giessenlanden, together they form the new municipality of Molenlanden.[6] Molenwaard had about 29,000 inhabitants and an area of about 126 km2 (49 sq mi). The largest settlements are Bleskensgraaf, Groot-Ammers, and Nieuw-Lekkerland.

A view of Kinderdijk at sunrise
A view of Kinderdijk at sunrise
Flag of Molenwaard
Coat of arms of Molenwaard
Highlighted position of Molenwaard in a municipal map of South Holland
Location in South Holland
Coordinates: 51°52′N 4°47′E / 51.867°N 4.783°E / 51.867; 4.783Coordinates: 51°52′N 4°47′E / 51.867°N 4.783°E / 51.867; 4.783
ProvinceSouth Holland
Established1 January 2013[1]
 • Total126.47 km2 (48.83 sq mi)
 • Land118.29 km2 (45.67 sq mi)
 • Water8.18 km2 (3.16 sq mi)
Elevation−1 m (−3 ft)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Area code0184
View of Brandwijk
Windmills near Kinderdijk
Polder and cycling-bridge near Streefkerk

Molenwaard can be characterized as a landscape of polders existing of vast pastures traversed by ditches and canals, like the Groote- of Achterwaterschap, and the Ammersche Boezem. In the outermost northwest one can find the famous windmills of Kinderdijk. About 1.5 m below sea level, the municipality is bordered by the Lek river in the north and briefly the Noord river in the west. On its area flows the Graafstroom or the Alblas.

Religiously, the municipality is part of the Bible Belt, resulting in the dominance of the Christian parties in politics.


Molenwaard consists of the following settlements:



Dutch Topographic map of the municipality of Molenwaard, June 2015


The municipal council of Molenwaard consists of 21 seats, which are divided as follows:

Municipal council seats
Party 2013
Reformed Political Party (SGP) 5
Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) 5
ChristianUnion (CU) 4
Labour Party (PvdA) 3
Gemeentebelangen Molenwaard 2
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) 2
Total 21

Notable peopleEdit

Els Veder-Smit, 1978
Corien Wortmann, 2011


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