Moku Manu

Moku Manu, or Bird Island in the Hawaiian language, is an offshore islet of Oahu, three-quarters of a mile off Mokapu Peninsula. Moku Manu and an adjacent small islet are connected by an underwater dike. The island was formed from debris flung from a vent of the nearby Kailua Volcano. Its highest point is 202 feet (62 m) high, bordered by near-vertical cliffs on many sides. Moku Manu is protected as a state seabird sanctuary like its neighbors to the south, Manana, Kāohikaipu, and Mōkōlea Rock. Regardless, landing by boat is nearly impossible due to the lack of a safe beach.

Moku Manu
Starr 060228-6230 Aerial photograph of Hawaii.jpg
Moku Manu from the air
Moku Manu is located in Hawaii
Moku Manu
Moku Manu
Moku Manu within Hawaii
Etymology"Bird Island" in Hawaiian
LocationPacific Ocean
Highest elevation202 ft (61.6 m)
United States

Moku Manu's isolated nature makes it an excellent nesting site. Eleven species of seabird nest on Moku Manu, along with several species of migrating shorebird.

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Coordinates: 21°28′12″N 157°43′12″W / 21.47000°N 157.72000°W / 21.47000; -157.72000