Mohana Sundaram

Mohana Sundaram is a 1951 Indian Tamil-language crime thriller film written and directed by A. T. Krishnaswamy. An adaptation of J. R. Rangaraju's detective novel of the same name, the film stars T. R. Mahalingam and S. Varalakshmi. It was released on 21 July 1951, and became an average success.[1][2]

Mohana Sundaram
Mohana Sundaram.jpg
Directed byA. T. Krishnaswamy
Produced byT. R. Mahalingam
Screenplay byA. T. Krishnaswamy
Story byJ. R. Rangaraju
Based onMohana Sundaram
by J. R. Rangaraju
StarringT. R. Mahalingam
S. Varalakshmi
Music byT. G. Lingappa
CinematographyA. Shanmugam[1]
Edited byT. M. Lal[1]
Sree Sukumar Productions
Release date
  • 21 July 1951 (1951-July-21)
Running time
171 minutes


Mohan Mudaliar and Sundaram Mudaliar are partners in a private banking firm. Sundaram's motherless daughter Visalakshi, nicknamed "Pappa", falls in love with her cousin Bhoopathi. Sundaram falls in love with Visalakshi's music teacher Leelavathi, and begins to neglects the bank. He marries Leelavathi, unaware that she is already married to a man currently serving a prison term. Exploiting the situation, Mohan begins to swindle the bank, aided by his assistant Gopalsami. Soon, Leelavathi manipulates the family and succeeds in sending Bhoopathi away. After being released from prison, Leelavathi's first husband Bala Mudaliar plans revenge against her. A murder and a robbery take place in the bank, with the murder victim assumed to be Sundaram, though he had been kidnapped earlier by Seetharaman, the younger brother of Bala Mudaliar. Visalakshi goes missing, and is suspected to have been kidnapped by Bhoopathi. Govindan, an amateur detective, investigates who was murdered and who kidnapped Visalakshi, ultimately solving both mysteries while Pappa and Bhoopathi reunite.



The soundtrack was composed by T. G. Lingappa and the lyrics were written by K. D. Santhanam.[4] The westernised song "Hello My Dear Darling", which contained many English words, attracted considerable attention.[2]

No Songs Singers Lyrics Length
1 "Oh Jagamathil Inbam" T. R. Mahalingam S. Varalakshmi K. D. Santhanam 02:17
2 "Oh Jagamathil Inbam" – Female S. Varalakshmi
3 "Pattu Venuma Oru Paattu" T. R. Mahalingam 03:02
4 "Oyillana Mayilattam" P. Leela & K. Rani 03:51
5 "Pulli Maanai Pole" T. R. Mahalingam, S. Varalakshmi 02:10
6 "Kanneer Thaano En" T. R. Mahalingam, S. Varalakshmi 03:55
7 "Ninaivellam Neeya" T. R. Mahalingam
8 "Avar Thaane En" S. Varalakshmi
9 "Venmugil Kaana" S. Varalakshmi 02:45
10 "Kannana Kanmani" T. R. Mahalingam 03:47
11 "Inbam Pongum" Chandra Babu Jikki 02:57


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