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Mohammad Hashim Kamali (born 7 February 1944) is an Afghan Islamic scholar and former professor of law at the International Islamic University of Malaysia. He taught Islamic law and jurisprudence between 1985 and 2004.[1] He has been called "the most widely read living author on Islamic law in the English language."[2]

Mohammad Hashim Kamali
Born (1944-02-07) 7 February 1944 (age 75)
OccupationIslamic scholar


Kamali studied his BA at University of Kabul and completed his LLM. in comparative law from The London School of Economics and Political Science, and a PhD in Islamic and Middle Eastern law at the University of London, 1969–1976.[1]

Academic CareerEdit

Mohammad Hashim Kamali served as Professor of Islamic law and jurisprudence at the International Islamic University Malaysia, and also as Dean of the International Institute of Islamic Thought & Civilisation (ISTAC) from 1985 to 2007.[3]


  • Freedom of Expression in Islam (1994)
  • Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (Reprint, Petaling Jaya, 1999)
  • Islamic Commercial Law (Cambridge: Islamic Texts Society, 2000)
  • A Textbook of Hadith Studies (Islamic Foundation, UK, 2005)
  • An Introduction to Shari’ah (Oneworld Publications, Oxford 2008)
  • Shari'ah Law: An Introduction (Viva Books 2009)
  • “Constitutionalism in Islamic Countries: A Contemporary Perspective of Islamic Law,” in: Constitutionalism in Islamic Countries: Between Upheaval and Continuity (eds. Rainer Grote and Tilmann Röder, Oxford University Press, Oxford/New York 2011)
  • Moderation and balance in Islam: The Qurʼānic Principle of Wasatiyyah (Oxford University Press, Oxford/New York, 2010)
  • The Middle Path of Moderation in Islam: The Qurʼānic Principle of Wasatiyyah (Oxford University Press, Oxford/New York, 2015)


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