The Mohamedally surname, as found in Mauritius with over 100 known branches in other locations around the world, is one of many that is derived from Islamic roots originating in pre-18th century India. The name was syntactically changed to match British Empire syntax in the 18th to 19th centuries. As such, the Mohamedally families share an Indian heritage merged with British English.

The use of the suffix 'ally' instead of 'ali' is an adaptation given to the Indian worker immigrants (rice and vegetable farmers, sugarcane harvesters). At the time, upon leaving their native Indian soil they were transferred to a variety of British colonies such as Mauritius in the 18th and 19th centuries. Pre-18th century it would have been more commonplace to be called "Mohamed Ali" instead.

The use of the 'y' in particular stems from English-derived editing of new naturalization papers, particularly of birth and land ownership certificates upon receivership of the workers at the then British-owned ports. Similar Mauritian-based names include Noordally, Akbarally and Hossenally to name a few, which several generations later are still in global use.