Modification of Final Judgment

In United States telecommunication law, the Modification of Final Judgment (MFJ) is the August 1982 consent decree concerning the American Telephone and Telegraph Company| (AT&T) and its subsidiaries, in the antitrust lawsuit United States v. AT&T of 1974. The terms required the Bell System divestiture, including removing local telephone service from AT&T control and placing business restrictions on the divested local telephone companies in exchange for removing other longstanding restrictions on what businesses AT&T could own and manage.[1]: 125 

The decree replaced the entirety of the previous final judgment of January 24, 1956 in the case United States v. Western Electric Inc.,[2][3] which had been transferred to the United States District Court for the District of Columbia and is referred to in the MFJ as the Western Electric case,[4]: 143 (also footnote 4)  and consolidated with the existing United States v. AT&T filed on November 20, 1974, which is referred to in the MFJ as the AT&T action[4]: 139  or AT&T case.

The decree was made with Harold H. Greene as presiding judge.[4]

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