Mobira Cityman 900

The Mobira Cityman 900 was released in 1987 by Nokia-Mobira.[1] It was one of the first handheld cell phones. The nickname of the phone in Finland was "Gorba". This was because the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev used a Cityman 900 (presented to him) to call Moscow during a press conference in October 1989 from the Hotel Kalastajantorppa.[2]

Mobira Cityman 900
Mobira Cityman 300.jpg
An image of the Mobira Cityman 300
ManufacturerNokia-Mobira Company
Compatible networksNMT 900
Availability by region1987
Mass760 g
BatteryUL61, 9.6 V, 1000mAh, NiCD
Display8 numbers Monochrome


The Cityman 900 has a total weight of 760 g.[1] The phone measures 183 × 43 × 79 mm.[1]

In popular cultureEdit

The Cityman 900 is featured prominently in several scenes from the 1987 film Lethal Weapon.


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