Mkulazi Holding Company

Mkulazi Holding Company Limited (MHCL), is a sugar manufacturer in Tanzania, the second-largest economy in the East African Community.[1]

Mkulazi Holding Company
IndustryManufacture & Marketing of Sugar
Headquarters[Morogoro], Tanzania

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Mkulazi Holdings Limited plans to construct two sugar factories in the Morogoro Town of Tanzania. The first factory, is planned at Mkulazi, about 85 kilometres (53 mi), by road, south-east of the regional headquarters in Morogoro City.[2] The government of Tanzania has ring-fenced 63,000 acres (98 sq mi), on which the factory is being erected.[3] The second factory is planned at Mbigiri, also in Morogoro Region, close to Mbigiri Prison.[4] The two factories are close to sugar plantations owned by the parent company, Mkulazi Holdings Limited.[1]

Overview edit

The company is a new sugar manufacturer, established in 2017, with planned production capacity of 200,000 metric tonnes annually. The sugar factory also plans to generate 55 megawatts (74,000 hp) of thermal electricity, of which 40 megawatts will be used internally and 15 megawatts will be sold to the national grid.[4] When completed as planned, the company is expected to become the largest sugar manufacturer in Tanzania, with a work-force in excess of 100,000 people.[3] When this company begins maximum production as expected, Tanzania's sugar deficit of about 100,000 metric tonnes as of 2018, will be wiped out, creating another 100,000 tonnes of exportable surplus.[3]

Ownership edit

Mkulazi Holding Company Limited, is a joint venture company that is wholly owned by the National Social Security Fund of Tanzania (NSSFT) and the Prison Corporation Sole (PCS).[5]

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